I’ve made $45.36 in the past couple days, Trading crypto on my own, with me believing I’ve profited $$,$$$,$$$ in 2013 or 2014 with my “Cuz” Dan Besse, who, I hope he can help me!

Fantastic and frightened, the English Lit. but to be oncemore Enlightened and athletic as fuck and paying it up with muscle soreness, getting bored here, decline sit-up’s with the establishment of fitness and health, with great wealth, like to the Tosh.0 of lo and behold a relationship to his accredited University, with my smart and perfect penmanship with a #2 pen when the Rooster and the Hen-nesey of Mom’s and Dad’s, the teen me, drinking the booze at night once or twice, when I discovered a liquor buzz was exciting, but nowhere NEAR 2013 OR 2014 WITH MY INVESTMENTS IN BITCOIN, TESLA, AMAZON, JOHN DEERE, BERKSHIRE-HATHAWAY, GAMESTOP, MATCH, APPLE, SUBARU, TOYOTA, STARBUCKS, SAMSUNG, SIRIUS, and so many other stocks from 2013 or 2014 with Dan my older Cousin who consistently caring never forbearing the five-star human champion, who Daniel Besse and my best friend, Elon Musk, him without misconduct and conducive to reading The Creator’s best humanly representation, thee God Figure, with or within, without, most probably it’s the prioritization of basketball attended in the sport, of course… by “The Sport” KANYE WEST sitting on a bench with Sammy Sosa, and Samantha where’s my soda? But to inhabit the habitat of a rat in a Sewer- this of course Splinter “TMNT” cartoon and me astonished the Aston Marquis Martin “Vanquish” acceleration, my USA nation! To the Sea: Atlantic of oceans filled with Bitcoin Whales, like ME! $$,$$$,$$$ MY FANTASY of the magnetic attraction with no intimacy ignored, the girl, Justine, I implored her loving boddy, not too shoddy 😉 Cosmetics counterparts greeted the green obscene goober gushy what but boogers to eat and be scorned and then imprisoned I don’t want to go to prison or a mental hospital for a 6th time because I’m fine living here at “Averte” in Vermont 3.5 hours away from my real “HOME” in Charlton, MA this inexact my 2005 anabolic artifact of a frozen “Recombinant” Fragment 177-191 to reduce my appearance of aging, me almost 41 years-old, tale to be told http://www.wrxtbi.com, congressman of lending a hand to a man in Red, White, and Blue me saluting soldiers and moving, adjusting, a woman’s over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders lol

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