I was phone friends and doing video-chats with a man who ran for Senator of New Hampshire, who he in 2005 I asked him if I could sleep on his couch! This after introducing me to what I needed to know about Investments and his name is Bruce Fenton, I SENT HIM $250 FOR HIS SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN MONTHS AGO!

“JEFFE” is not my name it’s Jeffrey with the 2 “Aliases”: Jeff M and Jeffry because my hip x-ray had me registered as only “Jeffry” in the ICU in 2004 and I’m half an inch shorter on my left leg from where the left hip bone is imperfect and I am therefore “handicapped” from when my left hip $BONE (brb…) just increased in value over the newest and latest in financial news that I invested in $LEASH too, a “Shiba Inu” variant of verbose vivacity vim of who but the great ELON MUSK who in 2005 he told me on the phone when I emailed him with a photo of my totaled 2004 Subaru WRX and he called me or I called him and left a voicemail telling him to check his Messenger — yes I found Elon Musk on his brand new Facebook account when HE MADE ME HIS FRIEND IN 2005! or I saw his name printed in a small article on time dot-com and I wanted to ELON-gate my legs and arms with protein-peptides that grew much longer and wider, GHRP-6 from first and then or .com I forget and I’m being honest I worked at GNC and read a great article in a magazine about bodybuilding — but I was by no means a bodybuilder — I was fat from drinking hard alcohol in my room at home and my parents knew my relationship with a certain girl who dumped me in the hospital — after a full week of her in tears crying her eyes out because they weren’t sure if I would stay alive in the ICU — and then after vacationing in Florida she saw other guys and that she was capable of a better boyfriend — albeit one without tons of money through my Dad, GREAT-WAYNE, I love my parents, I think my Mom is complacent in my not contacting her family — the last time I did it’s because I let Dead David Perron’s Mom know he was back on heroin and drinking 4 16 ounce beers at a restaurant with me not having any beer with him he was driving I tried to get the waitress to not bring him a third and fourth beer — but I think she was in on a plan to have him get so drunk and drive so fast it would kill us both, all his fault, and when he was crying while driving drunk, after I called the police and said, “My Mom wants me to go with him but he’s on pills and drunk,” and the operator lady said, “We’ll be on the lookout for him and tell him to drive slow!” then thereafter I called his mother when I was safely delivered home and I called his Mom and said, “DAVE’S GOING TO KILL HIMSELF!” that he was probably the worst person I’ve ever known — this because he got 2 girls he loved to have his babies — and he couldn’t pay Child Support with his previous DUI and look at what I’ve edited the post I wrote, I was mad at him for risking my life and my Dad wouldn’t hire him at his company that he owned 25% of and it sold for $36,500,000 a decade ago — he wouldn’t hire David Perron my Cousin through my Mom Deborah Marquis — and I prayed for him to suffer at his Wake, in death, because ONLY BECAUSE HE RISKED MY LIFE — I called the police and he had a hard time getting into his car — I told the waitress he was driving — but I think I’ve uncovered a “PLOT” to have me drive his car and he had drugs in the trunk or something like that, and he was balling tears when he was driving and I said, “Dave, just pull over and get your car towed,” when he said something about his parents kicking him out and I feel zero empathetic yeah pathetic, this evil Grandpa George Gleick his alcohol and the jerk kids who ganged up on me and told me to “kill myself” or they would have me anally raped in jail when there were towns of cops knowing I was so AWFULLY SAD AND DISMAL BECAUSE MY PARENTS FASHIONED A “PLAN” “Their Plan” of a bad uncle and an ex-girlfriend who wanted to have me go to JAIL and TAKE MY TRUST-FUND PAYMENTS — that I think my $,$$$,$$$ or $$,$$$,$$$ are going to the people who they, them, them disgusting dirt-bags who CONNED ME WITH “Their Plan” 2004 and they won’t leave me alone, like I’ve always enjoyed typing while listening to music — BUT I’M ON A HACKED, TAPPED LAPTOP — I threw a previous laptop of mine in the in-ground pool here some years ago when it was cold out in the fall season BECAUSE I UNCOVERED “MASTER-ACCOUNTS” OF THE JERKS WHO ALMOST KILLED ME IN 2004 — they were screwing with me so badly I drove too fast after being served by a bartender who in 2004 the bartender gave me some free drinks, he stole my wallet so I couldn’t pay a cab, and my cellphone through my Mom — she knew a guy at the cellphone place — and he cut off service to my phone! 508-596-4311 call me IF YOU ARE COOL LIKE ME AND HAVE AT LEAST 1 OFFICIAL “ALIAS” !!!!!

I think that was a scammer and the real Bruce Fenton, I saw him with cufflinks in a private plane wearing a nice vest in a photo, called his business phone and we got along great! If you want to tell him to deposit Bitcoin in my PayPal for the $250 I sent him months ago, he’s been on computers since the early days and he’s I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT, I KNEW HE WOULD BE SO GREAT — that I INSPIRED HIM when I wrote “VOTE BRUCE FENTON!” and then he called me and I said, “Run for Senator of somewhere fireworks are legal!” — me knowing he lived in New Hampshire — so that worked for us — and then I wrote “VOTE BRUCE FENTON FOR SENATOR OF NEW HAMPSHIRE!” and we were friends, I said, “You’re a closer friend than Elon Musk because I’ve talked to you for a dozen or so hours more, but Elon Musk is staying my #1 friend — until I meet you face to face and we can go on a hot-air balloon in New Hampshire to see the Fall foliage with my Aunt Donna and my parents!” but then I took that back and sent him a Facebook message that I changed my mind and he should bring his wife so there would be no “homo” BS going on — and speaking of how I asked if I could sleep on his couch, he told me he had a spare bed in his house — I wanted to get drunk at a powerful man’s house when I hardly drank any alcohol, I said it would be a vacation and I wanted to hear what he knew about small private jets and aircraft like he had a friend with a private jet — always remember, I inspired Bruce Fenton to run for Senate in the New England state of New Hampshire, and he liked the New England Patriots I had him dump a half-full beer down the sink, that I said “Dump it in the toilet and I want to hear the beer splashing in and then flush the toilet!” but he said he was dumping it down the sink and that was fine I didn’t need verification because he was my friend and he was honest I could tell, and then I said “Now dump out your old junky bottles of alcohol that are taking up SPACE in your cabinet!” and he ended up doing that maybe days later he was mad at me BUT I DID IT FOR A GOOD REASON, BECAUSE I WANTED HIM TO SHOW HIS LOVE FOR OUR GREAT AMERICA BY RUNNING FOR SENATE!

My parents got the $250 back from that fraudulent transfer of my money from my “Trust Fund” and I had my Dad talk to Bruce for a few minutes when I lived at home in Charlton, MA I want to live on the same street as my Mom and Dad in a house that’s nice and marry Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona because we both have INJURIES THAT WERE NOT OUR FAULTS!

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