Do any of you have Cancer?
This is Scott Bond’s “Essential Mix” that I put 74 minutes on a CD and I would listen to it at my GNC where I sold many milligrams of Melatonin, and I used a protein-peptide that’s been growing in popularity among celebrities for a natural/genetic tan, and I got in early with the protein-peptides to slim fat — Melanotan II — also MT2 it’s called and I had so many girls ask me where I went tanning because it looks a little different from a normal sunlight/bulbs type of tan, and about a year ago I ordered some that you squirt up your nose in a liquid, but it didn’t work at all… unlike the protein-peptide for use with insulin pins, that I’m so glad I put IGF-1 LR3 in my neck and neck muscles because IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER benefitting the brain, and I bought it from South Korea in 2005, when I recovered so much from my TBI that everyone was so pleased and happy I was so much better in speech, memory, walking the walk, and talking the talk, GETTING BETTER AND IMPROVING SO MUCH MORE FOR A YEAR OR TWO, that it lasts that long in the brain, which my brain was so badly injured and I’ve reached beyond God once or twice, even, that I put my right arm in the air at the scene of my crash, that kept the left hemisphere of my brain working, when, yes I wanted to ascend into Heaven and then when I got tired I started playing with my favorite organ found in male mammals, that I’ve been away from any pets for many years now with not even a little fish anymore, and I had a feeling that if only I kept my one working arm and hand, in the air, or then, on my male anatomy I would survive my shattered left hip in 7 pieces and 4/15 “Abilities” TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY that left arm wouldn’t even work at all for a full month in the ICU and I’m right handed, but using my SUPERINTELLIGENCE (see my cover photo) I found out about CoVid-19 that the Co and Vid and most important exceptionally special part about the name for the China-virus — I told the government to name it after a beer, so “Corona”-virus that I’d been Sober for roughly 1 year post-injury and I wanted Phil from Shrewsbury, MA involved in the name of this high-up top-secret virus — because Phil always drank Corona’s and he’s big and fat, after losing about 50 lbs. and gaining it right back! His last name is Violet like there was a girl at UNO’s in Southbridge named Violet and she was 17 and I was in my 20’s and she didn’t want to be my friend when she saw how extensively TOTALED MY WRX WAS! So if you want to see how trashed the interior is, from the 64 mph CRASH, then Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” which leaves me unable to be a GOLFER at a driving range because it’s a lot of TBI “Double-Vision” from my TBI that my double-vision is still pretty severe, even after 2 eye surgeries!

Here’s a photo of me before anesthesia in 2016 or 2017 when I didn’t drink and my parents who thought my vision (double double vision. vision.) to improve that I WAS SOBER FROM 2016 ON with no sips of beer in about 3 years, when in 2016 and not drinking the 3 beers a night I was allowed, and I drank 3 beers every night because I’m dealing with the shit from Dead George Gleick, my smoker/Alcoholic grandfather on my Mom’s frankly, shitty, side of the family, that no one was even a little sad except for us children in middle school, because we didn’t know his bad habits throughout his life, like always being a drunkard and life-long smoker, with NOW ONTO THE PHOTO OF ME PRE-SURGERY IN 2016 or 2017, lo and behold, I had a drug in pre-surgery that made me so sleepy I was knocked out unresponsive to the doctors operating on my eye* that was made very famous in the news, which brought me no joy or any warm feelings aside from a deep sleep, that the name of the drug the doctors gave me the now famous Topofol and they trimmed the nerves in one of my eyes!

  • You’re wrong about me and I made the perfect decision to repay my debt to those who were at fault for my car-crash in 2004 as I suffered for 3.5 months but not in Hell — that I later announced — when my thinking brain-injury allowed me to speak in a whisper — because one of my vocal cords was paralyzed and I couldn’t speak in the ICU — I suffered in the great name of Jesus Christ WHO I ASSURE YOU, HE IS SIMPLY A MISUNDERSTOOD “VIRGIN BIRTH” KNOWN AS “PARTHENOGENESIS” — many healthy people from across the world have been born without a man’s “seed” aka “semen” — so I believe that Jesus Christ didn’t bring any “Miracles” and he was only misunderstood and put to death in a painful way, that I was feeling the pain I applied to my “Debt” to Jesus Christ for having been sacrificed wrongfully, that you’re all wrong if you think of there only being “Heaven” which I’m almost Islamic and us Islam, Allah worshippers, we know there is only “heaven/hell” because like Vanilla Sky, “The sweet ain’t so sweet without the bitter.”

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A group of people assembled at the Leicester Police Department to get me so injured and total my 2004 Subaru WRX and apparently someone was mad at the same ordinance of police officers in Leicester, MA where I hadn’t gotten a ticket ever and look at what someone did to their building a while ago:

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