Dan like I said, I want us both to buy Ferrari’s 360 Modena’s but not the “Challenge-edition” — I don’t want us to ‘challenge’ each other because you have a better car than me and a high paying full-time job — and Tesla’s and have 2 mansions built in Massachusetts nextdoor and with my parents’ house nearby when they’re staying married unless Linda FREEMAN or Gail Caika or Rhonda Lindquist or John Coz or my “Cuz” Dan who he’s one of my older cousins, one of which, oh don’t get me started on Lisa, or my Dad’s employee with the Mini Cooper S that she let me drive, Ellen Varnum who:

her Red Mini Cooper S has a Supercharger and her small little and tiny Mini Cooper makes almost 200 HP, that’s quick, and I got her into buying gold, so I have two 1 gram bars of gold and 1 gram of Platinum in a really tiny piece of metal I keep in my wallet, all of them, tucked into my wallet that I’ve been sleeping with my laptop, cellphone, and pants on the other side of my body in bed, that I grew to 6-feet tall with the IGF-1 LR3 and GHR-15 pills and GHRP-6, Hexarelin, and CJC-1295 that were available all over the interweb in 2005 and 2006 I bought many thousands of Bitcoins but less than 100,000 Bitcoins that Dan and I were trading all night in 2013 or 2014 the last time I saw him, that night, that night when, oh when, Dan locked me out of his bathroom and I woke up in the middle of the night when I couldn’t find a light switch and urinated in the pitch black, me screaming, “DAN! HELP! WAKE UP DAN!” and although I had tens of thousands of Bitcoins and so many stocks and precious metals, and cash in TD Bank, I made him sad the next morning, but here’s what doesn’t sit well with me: Did Dan purposely lock the bathroom door in the hallway? And did Dan’s videocamera and tape recorder run all night like, maybe, I said “Leave the videotape recorder on all night with the audio recorders because, me erroneously, I could have sworn something special would have happened that night with an oncoming drunk driver, that we had Dan’s friends at the Police Station take my fingerprints, skin scrapings, hair on my skull, hair from my whole body, and saliva sample, blood sample, etc. etc. even my DNA everything in my “genome” even a stool sample and urine sample, we went crazy that night because I had about 80,000+ Bitcoins in my “JMRQ Heavy Industries” and whoever takes over 50% of the Bitcoins, MANY “CRYPTO ‘TOKENS'” and Stocks and precious metals — I have a Public Ledger and a Private Ledger through 2 financial companies — whoever takes the profits has to match my DNA so my assets are sound and thanks Dan make sure I give plenty to the government out of my share of the tremendous wealth we have amassed and Stan by E.

Remember, I had a bunch of $20’s and I paid you either 120 dollars or 140 dollars for the dozens of thousands of Bitcoins, that I want to give our American government about half, and you — I know you’re reading this — you get first I was thinking 0.3% or then we said maybe 3% and earlier tonight I heard 5% that no beer served in bars and/or restaurants should have the ABV of over 5% because I’ve encountered some drunks outside in parking lots on the ground, them fallen, and I who usually had one 16 oz beer in restaurants and I stuck to that — but there were a couple times I had to go tell the bar manager that there’s a drunk on the ground in the parking lot and he can’t even stand up and get his key to open the door — I’ve been to a lot of bars and had 1 16 oz beer before getting to college or picking up a girlfriend and my subwoofer would make the music sound better, that Dan, I want you to know I love you and your great family and Krista is with your big brother who went to Boston University and he got me into Nicotine gum- that I have plenty of here because I’M TRYING TO SMOKE AS LITTLE TOBACCO AS POSSIBLE THIS FRIGID COLD AND ICEY WINTER A COUPLE HOURS NORTH OF YOU!

No offense with the not-half of the profits because I thank my best friend Elon Musk (40+ minute phonecall) and have Colonel Booth’s image of his girlfriend sent to my jmarquis710 at gmail or yahoo! Tell the police I think my Google is controlled by my enemies! I need some money and I would advise you to get in contact with my favorite Aunt Donna and have my money be accessible to me without my parents controlling me like they have been with this “Tech” stuff I’m being hacked and I DON’T WANT TO RAISE ANY CHILDREN!!!!!

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