My parents who are my “Health Proxy” are driving North 3.5 hours away from MY REAL HOME IN CHARLTON, MA!

I’m a Slave for SHOES!

lol jk

With or without you TWO SHOES THE PRECIOUS “AIR JORDANS” (Blacks shoe heist) L-and-R footsie

Toodle-loo, in the I.C.U. for an entire month in the, again, I was in the I.C.U. for an entire month of November and December with my

Of letters loined and fake cons being conjoined to the grilling of my Southern Sun when I wrote this recently, I am The One, with no chickie-chicken flavor to savor, I know: ALLAH IS MY SAVIOR!

Saver click quick for fucking my enemies and gone, when old and Bachelors of Arts B.A. Associates abroad when I pounded a sod soldier Brian M. blocked me- a former Saint John’s High School friend, when the troopers can eat my shit when the time is now, and the time is “IT” in ITT Technical University but beautiful A/C blowing a cool-so breeze, with the pleased and precious pleasant, please, the odor of February Freeze the Frozen air to remain still chillen dot-com from ago, the years have passed- since owning my bulletin-board website of remain to remanded remnants of remaining chillen, I’m still and tapping the keys that did you get my prose? The bottles of “Febreze” now January “She Sells Sanctuary” and hopefully enjoying a Roasted Toasted Cinnamin Caesar Salad bowl of what if you let me, let us, my US of A when oh when I finally get my $314.99 Mont Blanc Pen to take notes in books, that Dad uses Fishing Hooks to snag a swaggy Bass Fish—without Rip getting my Dogecoin or “Shiba Inu” it went up 80,000% my INVESTED millions of dollars that dogs should wear colors of holler holla a collar, dollars spent in the way past “A Milli” with my Miley Cyrus being “Bi” to all of you, now shoes to used collectables of 1-800-COLLECT my millions USD I think hopefully, and without Mr. John Deedy, him having raped me and my entire Body that I much later had a girlfriend—whosey trash now—in 2000 and three, when a blinking lights in my apartment, I see, but to STOP!

I like girls with average-size Boo To A Tease me right when I feel the Red Bull Light drinking a few, and writing for you, good to read that the doctors stole “My Seed” of the manly substance, of coming from circumcision, I’ll be a’wishin’ washing my scalp when I’ve fallen asleep mid-day, any way, and they stole my winter hat!

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