A life taken too soon, eating her with a spoon-fed shared bed!

Horizons unbridled at night, oh the friends they fight with Coke Zero Light- the delight of fantastical thievery with Police’s match-able bravery, and the dismay (dismal) the elected officials, eating morning cereal with the wives’ EGGS to be supplanted and kept inside, where in the sides of the abdomenable Amen. And they hide from harms way, to sway and seek, along with the Waves (hi readers) of parking attendants with shoddy arrogance but at what they’re unable to afford, the Merc-Benz, or their so poor, and to their R-anger by Ford Motor Company of shoddy American engine-al carpentry, the, oh the- Camaraderie of a Sober driver, when finding myself in that spot, at Saint John’s High School, when I stayed away from the “Pot” now I think not of fetching the earth clenching seeds of the MMJ “weed”

I miss my MMJ very much
what, the CBD my only crutch

And lunch of low-carb foods, the refrigerated delectables- they make my belly protrude and me, exuding the average and common pleasantries, me mainly happy here, but what about my many thousands USD in John Deere Stocks- that I’ve profited since 2013 but not seeing a single cent, what sense does it make to me to be a millionaire with the Care icon on “Meta” FB on-screen I do see, when elsewhere slit skirts, these video hunnies, they have small bellies, to the utmost popularity of “Step-Moms” I hook a Rook to take upon the Pawn piece, and turkeys “yeast” of a flavor albeit never to savor, an infected fallacy, the ladies’ cleanliness down South, on my mouth lips licking, but corrupted fantasies, when I beg for a freshly “dead girl” of my last time of those months together—Alxandra Neas—Rest In Peace! <3

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