Is Elissa Victoria still with Ethan?

Disable or Engage the Posey Laid Hen Stage of 21+ and of course like naturally, the possible love-laden — I am who a TBI “innocent-flirt” be it’s me it’s all me find the girl with her digits and palms as equating to, not too late, but not to soon, this “Oh” handled roughly with fingernails touching bare, backsoul wear’n’tears with all boo’s and Jeer’s at the New Joisey sound-off with your beer belly hanging out, or maybe slim like me, 10 push-up’s earlier, I am a Diet Soda “hoarder” on the chopping board, a loaf, and to the side, a lobster steamed—oh it’s getting HOT in here!—I love lobster at The Sole Proprietor!


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