Rolled gold stripper, Bride, and pole, to be Wed- nesday (tomorrow)

Formal but coming in the “Form” of a bridal to be done up like a Daisy in the who but a Shower at an any Hour of swollen and sitting there hours with a bouquet for the groom so sour, it’s peddles with Kettlebells at the gym, on my whim and wind-chime all the time, taking one for the Team Fauci, with the Covid-19 named by me, 19, that Jessica T. was 20 and feeling the feels of her dugout doggy-house of a little critter- a little mouse, that clicks with chicks in the coolest cliques of Clinique foundation, Washington the President who started my American nation, gifting taxes and buying coins, that good-ol uncle Sam reminds me of “Mantha” the “Mannie” for of who I don’t want to see a Semester as I’m not young and now a 40 year-old “Mister” with a Minister in Niagara Falls, and reasonably tall, her books are small that at least she’s a writer—her books available on Amazon dot-com and go my Stocks, 2013 I invested millions of USD, for me, and Dan and Dad, and they should be glad, I chose to include them, because not to give to them so plenty dollars—nothing had been solded, sold to be the bankroom backdoor teller, I’m hoping for a Tesla, I’ll best ya!

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