Pay Lay banana peel Pay-Pal with y’all seeing my Litecoin profiting…

Come-ing in fray, to this very day and, as though, one musical surprise with curly eyes, me the Millionaire with maybe tens-of-thousands of Bitcoins, investing seriously a million dollars or more, what’s in store, for the next Bitcoin peak value—I wanted to sell half of it for my 50th birthday, being half- as in, the 50% and not until then, here at “Averte” is where I STAY (with Cialis) generic DNA of my damaged to the “brains” of me, yours truly, who sees the weight on a newly wed who won’t return my emails, and his/her R- D- R- R-

That’s “Hardy Har Har” me hoping to not have to care about a Car and I’m the non-driver and SOBER as of my own discretion, my own assignments in Psychology I with my “A” in the University Campus, driven horses in a “Camper” with the camber of wheel’s position to roll on the 4 wheels.

Justine in heels. Hi if you’re reading this Justine or her parents. Marriage please!

Wearing some designer Prada pantalones and drinking turbo tea is what what the way to be, jumping clicking “Care” on me who me I view to wear a sheer lit light linen on my $315 Mont Blanc Pen ` ` ` they won’t give to me, but I ordered it with my own postpone and R2D2 a “drone” my yes my money and found in banks as the arrestin’ with Justin jumps off of the Ledger I have a Public Ledger and a Private Ledger, in which, I have distributed most of my wealth since I don’t use my Trust Fund with a million dollars or a lot more—so treat, me, Jeffrey, with sum respect, as I have no tattoos or any piercings!

Show me a cute couple and I’ll potentially harness the knowledge of the 2 but not 3 partners—I’m talking 40 wives, or only 1 wife—Justine 2009-2013—me, to be, in side on her sis—there is no older sister or younger sister in either of our 2 families, and I, not having children with my detrimental “Traumatic Brain Injury”—that she had a slightly more severe one than me—I wonder if she’s able to drive a safe car on the roads

I doubt she can drive a car, that, her, easily being able to afford a Tesla—hi Elon sorry about the $200,000,000,000 you’ve recently lost in your earnings, but don’t like, let it get you down or whatever—I liked when Justine was 19—her TBI was too severe for some things, like walking on a treadmill, I wanted her to get a lot better!

I don’t have a credit card.

But I have a debit card.

And surely visit my

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