SOBER 2016! not a single sip of alcohol in 3 or 4 years!

First things first, God is a real “Illusion” like a hologram at the edge or space, and Allah is real, Allah is “Supreme Velocity” and I’m glad to have experienced Allah and then God’s representation, that God is maybe only “The Creator” advancing at the speed of light, that Allah is, like I said, “Supreme Velocity” I chose to go in a perfectly straight line to God Himself The Father The Creator at the edge of space, and I accelerated the whole entire way, even traveling through solid matter ie planets, etc. That the Big Bang was so intense and hot and pleasureful I know with the one girl who’s also “Supreme” in my love for Justine Aragona who, we both have “severe” Traumatic Brain Injuries, and although I like other girls I have known and loved, she brought me conjugating Allah’s Presence and Allah disappeared when I reached my Destination: God!

I reached through His real “Illusion” when after hours of intense prayer, involving The Qur’an, The Holy Bible, and all of my much religious gear, Jesus wasn’t anywhere to be seen because I know about “virgin birth” aka the SCIENTIFIC REVELATION OF “PARTHENOGENESIS” — and the fact that I read an article scanned from Time about this fact: virgins have given birth many times, so I got past Jesus Christ when I SUFFERED IN HIS GREAT NAME with my events

Less and less people are Christians- I saw a fact that Christianity in our country will be a minority in the distant future of what science has proven, Jesus Christ is one of many “Divine Creation” births that usually don’t survive, but there are many people who’ve been birthed WITHOUT A MAN’S SPERM!

Onto what really matters, Allah is a reason I’ve profited so much with The Qur’an that says Jesus Christ is a “Prophet” I got IN with “Crypto” in 2005- I’m worth $$,$$$,$$$ through my parents and “Cuz” Dan Besse who is getting more than what we signed papers for — 3% or even 0.3% because we had a lot of CBD from the grocery store — we had brand new laptops, paid-for software, a signature scanner, a video recorder taping us, a voice recorder taping us, and raw coffee grounds that we shoveled into our mouths, reminding us of having watched movies — in particular, Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock… ALL NIGHT LONG when we were growing up — and we stayed up until late morning investing millions of dollars in 2013 or 2014 — a long time ago, that my Stocks and Bitcoins “Crypto” have all made me worth many millions of dollars, with Dan’s jobs at Merrill and Pacilio Wealth Management in CT, my Stocks like Tesla — because I’ve spoken to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005 — and Amazon, John Deere and AAPL, META, and even Berkshire-Hathaway that have all increased so much, that I have a Stock portfolio:

I knew a Facebook Developer in 2005 when Facebook was running out of a house with a pool and zipline, and I’ve seen The Social Network IN THEATERS TWICE, then buying the Blu-ray

I knew a girl who maybe had a baby with MY STOLEN SPERM FROM THE ICU like I think another girl had twin girls, Isabella and Sofia, I have never met, although me thinking and maybe knowing that I haven’t paid a single cent in “Child-Support” but I hope my “HEALTH PROXY MOM AND DAD” have something covering my A$$ lol “definite” and Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” here at “Averte” in Bradford, VT 3.5 hours away from my Health Proxy Mom and Dad who in addition to the jerks who caused my TBI and shattered hip in 7 pieces (!!!), they made me sign papers with Google, Facebook, WSU, Apple, Dell, and “French River” that my Dad’s employee started another “French River”-company to confuse things for COURT! =)

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