The Black guy here gave me 2 of the same medications, and I hate “Averte” that I don’t expect to die on Christmas, despite a warning from North Korea: a “Christmas gift” heh.

Whence the weight of a burly Nicaraguan lifting weights, waits the bench to be lifting wanton weights of wall-side racks at where by anabolicminds dot-com are the nitty-gritty P.O. Box order—I wanted to grow, you know, and I did, me the Insulin needle hoarder, a skateboarder in decades past, I pinned my ass with a protein-peptide sold store-wide, but surely not like at T. Vig’s that got busted, I know, that weightlifters, fats, gays are not to be trusted!

Nigerians walk long distances carrying crappy food, my view askew, for you, and to give the .gif of what wondrous wonders of a William M. “Win To The ‘Ter’” of WeatherTech liners-  here I’m finding out that muffins and wild ice-cream make me a bit heavy and not any lighter, my weight and flick your Bucks of foreign currency, that STATESIDE-  here I will be with no plans to visit foreign forwarding fantasy “vacation hot-spots” and “but without any Pot” when I rattle the kettle, Christmas tree with bells, on a necklace furry, CoVid-19 I got my few Boosters that didn’t make my appeal blurry.

At most of the butter on toast, scinged with heat, I forego the bread—I love meats!

Have you heard of “The HCG Diet” ??? I go low carb usually, but I had 3 chocolate chip muffins today and I threw away some ham from being it at Hannafords down the road—the staff goes shopping for me—this when they once bought me CBD that my Mom said, “Get him some” a ways back and I haven’t gotten “high” for a year or so, with me begging for some of that Xanny’s relaxation, which Thanks to “Alxandra N.” she wanted my meds they give me at the window, I have to take them, and I have to get Haloperidol in shots every 3 weeks—I don’t notice much from it—to be truthful, that I prefer the Zoloft—keeps me not too moody… and I don’t sing in my apartment as that’s usually something I do while driving me listening to Lady Gaga and what a goober that Miley Cyrus and “Zuck” clock clock Dan’s area-code with my millions USD

Why won’t he return an email to me?

I knew a Facebook Developer in 2005, and I called him on the phone, this when I was amazed they weren’t in corporate skyscrapers, when, and only when, I told him to tell Mark Z. about Mellie Za — I sent Facebook $200 in the mail and bought 30 of their $1 “Facebook Gifts” off the rift, I got, without smoking you-know-what, that was when I lived near M. I bought a bag from him in 2005 once or twice, before his demise, them eyes, and girls with brown-eyes I liked a girl who is now dead and Mike Louis went to the funeral, around the time I got a published article in The Student Voice newspaper at WSU about a restaurant that is no longer there, and I like how they sold it Pre-Pandemic for more profits!

Itty-Bitty treated pesticides when the trompers I’ve tried to stomp them out, now stop the show GET UP AND GO BUY ME A TESLA FOR CHRISTMAS!

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