Nonchalant Banter at the Alternate States of our great Nation, giving Bitcoin Cash for smacked of “scratches” stretching before my being single and NOT BREEDING!

Working at the up-most front, and there’s Chefs in the ally, smoking a no-no CBD “blunt” to the El – Oh – Allen by Ether nice to greet- yet yer highness of Bumble-Bee what to see and wait on wagging the proverbial tail high (CBD ONLY!) minks of the jinx Doe, John-eth of “Ethan to the Allah” of yesteryear (2013 <3) and no jeers to the Jester of “Jeffry” they had me reading The Bitcoin (Berkshire-Hathaway of BKR.B pasts I lay) when it seems like yesterday I took a dip in the shower at a late eve’s hour, when my powerful tug in tie its a the tub JK I feel ambient hey-days of Gringo’s past, sitting my lower back smudgeoned between the cushions, on my low love-seat coffee table with cookies, I’ll eat, and only eat the meat for LOW-CARB (34 lbs. shedded 2015/2016) dieting with the spry souls soldering iron to be pumped, plumbers to punch at lunch, you making a FRUMPY humpty face in the plastic place of the favorite factory, the absurd-ity-  have you heard the word the Forman lets aloud, safety glasses and a golden Calf, munching half the hey, what’s this dismay? And this December, I like “Ember” as a friends-first and only, to see her smile at me, the most to be, I get thirsty for a Xanax pill, on oh the 0.5mg thrill that sends alwayschills at the best helm on a Tit-laden “Ship” of JMRQ to the “Heavy Industries” aloud and ignore the back of the Joe Camel trash, tapping out a ash, when I inhale Bugler, blowing it out so smoothed and smooth-er, another, and my younger Brother who’s like taking delight in the Google mess my enemies have made, rip Ripley was spayed, to have always had trouble drinking, Allyson got me thinking, and charged, stiffing very heard of the words of her that damned me—Allyson’s pu$$y all stretched out… having had her mouth but only a couple times being two or three, times ONLY, the lackthereof to having been insulted, well look what resulted, the lack of Oral-B was the opposite of XTC when curvaceously swaying and staying… of over for the night, that was my delight, but with nothing at all kinky, us and mainly only “her” not having a single fantasy, public laden philosophies at WSU, they got the most best of me, writing documents that make perfect sence when and whence upon my dream of being with The Queen and The Princess with Vaseline or… a Crenshaw Hoover, abruptly abusing her, and mopping the floors, at the convenience “gas station” store, funneling more of the dizzying Diesel fuel, that’s funny, to me, when I was not allowed into a “John’s” bedroom, A. weeping… but that’s enough of that, it would be so ‘phat’ for a willowed widow-never wife, and creating not another life—no babies for me—I have a TBI injury—you see?—not from my fantastized and fabricated arterial “Nation” being at one with me the Hun, hair in a bun, Keebler Elvis’es munching chocolate—dark and delerius ‘cocoa’ when this i know… TEN TO THE “TREMENS” of upp-and-endded so be wilted and weathered, at the brusk of them and the bristles, the bitches, with their lipstick kisses, in blue, the lipstick, but it’s all for “used” and who but you to take the $CAKE I invested in come 2013 or 2014 of younger years when drinking ZERO BEERS! I saw the say to say hey, you the swilted swiller with gushers of saliva glands, seeing the spelled out spit of what- this is it… so and stopping my fingerprints from having been inked in #1 pencil in 2013 or 2014 I seek a Queen to my King’s land of having a tiny-bit smaller left hand, and on an ligament figment fabric of woven inter-stellar outlandishness, I wish this kiss with tapping toes, my lovers? Who knows how the trinkled epiphany sounds right to me, when encompassing a Soliloquy “sylvester” I betch’er getter in the gutter of Seal Time “flubber” a dolphin like Ecco (on Sega Genesis) a Chapter of Creation in this my having always paid taxes on MY NO-TATTOO’S and NEVER DRINKING BREWS with so on watching the news to peruse channels of news 24/7 and the Patriots football games, Dan’s dog Bo, a Shiba Inu I claim, the “Token” of millions USD with more in Stocks of chopped New Kids on the Block, blowing my nose in a crusty old socks, in a pair, over there in the hamper, sleeping in a camper, and JCAMBER of his international governance, overseas, that’s where Johnny be, having been so nice to me, starting in “Honors” classes and then taking it easy with my school, but I was popular—I’m not to be fooled—when the real is as can be, and Us all to see, what’s become of me, and my, oh why? And is it because I’ve made me millions of dollars in Bitcoin and all “crypto-currencies” ???

I’m not sure but a rich man I am—will always be—and here in New England—the Patriots won the NFL game earlier tonight.

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