Sorry Dad, you and Aunt Donna Donohue and Justine get all of my love and liking you a real, real lot I LOVE YOU DAD!

I just vaccuumed my apartment, and I’m chewing nicorette gum, that don’t forget I saw a police car out front of Market Basket and I made movements to get the cashier’s attention and made sure she was looking, when I put a pack of Juicy Fruit — I grabbed a random small item and I don’t like bananas at all — so I got the girls attention and put it in my pocket plain as day she saw and she got the Manager when I was at the Market Basket in Oxford, MA — me appreciating all of the money you spend feeding me — and the Manager came over, and he said, “What’s in your pocket?” when I said “GET THE COP!” and he looked at me bewildered and knowing me because you gave out my photos to all of the businesses and he said, “No I’m not getting the cop!” and I put the gum on the register slide and paid for it, that I don’t even like Juicy Fruit!

I don’t know a single police officer in town, although why do I want to talk to cops? OF COURSE TO INCRIMINATE THE JERKS WHO CAUSED MY INTENDED SUICIDE IN 2004 that injured me so badly, I hold you at fault for (!!!) BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T PAY A TINY BIT OF A SHARD OF YOUR PROBABLY ABOUT $50,000,000 that’s 50 million dollars you have in the bank for you and Mom and Aunt Donna Donohue and my brother Justin Marquis, WHO HE, MY OWN BROTHER, HE HAS A PICTURE OF SATAN AND A LINK TO “SATANISM” ON HIS TUMBLR that I don’t want to be set-up and if Justin doesn’t do anything even a little bad to me, I will always hate him but only if he is a part of…

YOUR EVIL PLAN TO DO BAD THINGS TO ME (!!!) so I know I’m being set-up and I hate it here because I want to live in an Apartment Condo in the same building as Aunt Donna Donohue! I LOVE AUNT DONNA MORE THAN ALMOST ANYONE, except you IF you CALL OFF THE PLAN TO FUCK ME OVER because I’m on great terms with Aunt Donna Donohue — remember, you have my Tesla, Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway, Facebook, etc. etc. Stocks I invested in in 2013 or  2014 that I like Cousin Dan a lot, but I hate most negroes, except Claudel here who I apologized to him profusely — I think trans-sexuals are the Anti-Christ because it’s widely written about with a whole lot of religious material, and the PERRON’S ARE FUCKED WITH A DEAD SON AND A LESBIAN DAUGHTER — I TRIED TO SAVE THEM WITH MY OWN MONEY, that Dan said Dave wasn’t suicidal, and thank God I called the cops because these fucking jerks you-know-who I’m talking about they do a lot of bullshit to me that will have them banned to Hell, but Dad I swear, I want you to go to Heaven, which I don’t believe there’s anyone who goes to only Heaven as I fully believe in “heaven/hell” because I’m working on reading The Qur’an that I’ve decided to proceed with reading THE QUR’AN THE BEST BOOK EVER, worlds more important than the crappy Bible, of JUNK, I don’t follow Jesus Christ who is nothing but a simple “virgin birth” put to death I think that was wrong and I know Rev. Jim Chase is in Europe HIM ALIVE with living with his daughter Val until I’m excused from this shitty “Plan” like there’s already been “Their Plan” when I almost died and I hate the fucks who caused my crash, maybe just maybe… except you that you tried to save me but Mom’s bald shitty I hope dead brother of evil hacking on my many devices, I want him to be tortured always by God with him that scumbag dirtball, burning in Hell for all eternity — DAD YOU’RE GOING TO HEAVEN AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER, but Mom is going to be either in “heaven/hell” or always so sad, so sad about “Their Plan” but Dad I hate the fact you wouldn’t get me any help with a “Detox” for a bit of your 30+ MILLION DOLLARS YOU HAVE OR WAY MORE (!!!) that I’m rich now, too, with my Investing millions of dollars in 2013 or 2014 with Merrill and Pacilio Wealth Management, but maybe I’ll take it to “heaven/hell” and hopefully donating it all to God to let me stay with Allah = ALLAH IS THE GREATEST = “SUPREME VELOCITY” I learned with Justine who didn’t get a virus, disease or illness from me in 2009-2013 and although they put warts on my legs when they snuck in that I remember Mary-Anne and a nurse who I forget her name they snuck in my apartment touched my inner leg = I have photos of the red warts I removed with Dr. Scholls they bought me and it took a couple boxes of the wart-freezer I don’t ever want to have a virus — I emailed China to have it 18+ and they decided on “19” with my emails to laboratories and the Chinese government after I found an article in the newspaper in 2005 (!!!) I brought it to Rev. Jim Chase and I’ve found a great Minister I’ve known since 2005 with SO MANY HOURS ON THE PHONE, hopefully meeting her in the future, found of my listening to “Aerosmith – Angel” and searching “Angel” people on Facebook when I found Angel McAulriff and I didn’t think she was attractive with bad teeth, her in Niagara Falls near Rev. Anne Skinner of “HANNAH HOUSE” I sent her money after leaving a message on her answering machine and telling her I wanted to go to Heaven, this when I was a Christian, that I now say “FUCK CHRISTIANITY!” Jesus was a simple “Parthenogenesis” virgin birth nothing special about that now known to scientists who have women fertilize their own ovaries, that is done sometimes naturally, completely naturally, with their becoming pregnant without a single sperm cell, and I told my “Cuz” Daniel Michael Besse of CT to sell my many thousands of Bitcoins at $69,000 they reached 44 dollars beyond that! GENIUS OF ME! I’m a prodigy having adopted Allah and God in 2013 shortly before Investing with my once owning ADVANCEDchillen.com I want my www.wrxtbi.com back that had this on it:


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