I may see wrong, I miss Iran, and Saint John’s… my Class of 2000!

Dreamy drowsing and “Urban Environments” but known as Projecting the Protected with a milli “The Projects” where to inspect the brat-brat-brat the sound of shot glasses in the tilted drinking nothing, me now, Non-drinker and staying away from cigarettes and THC, that when I remember, the days of old, me then but younger with the thirst of a Red Bull being quenched with also being bereft of beer—I still stay totally clear and clean and most importantly, able to steer the wheel in my 4 rubber laden right rigs the wheels being Alloy and lightweight, to the rim of the Rig of a Mackenzie straddled get-at-her dialing digits interest with the push of a pen the keystrokes, forget the unlocking the phone PIN to straddle a wrestler, “Judo Chop” to the teeth with plenty to eat of ALL THE FIXINS!  to edit my patient material, crafting words nonstop, to the top of the Wall Street Journal and a couple other newspapers I signed up for in 2005/2006 that I never, ever read anything past the Front Page of these USA Today, Telegram&Gazette that I wasn’t allowed a refund to only recieve the Sunday issues, paper, this paper, with a pen on a tissue cloth of toiled paper to toss in the Ferns among the country-side with long, long and lengthy “Strides” like that fun gum in minted I rely on in this website to see my Bitcoins that may have already been sold at their HIGHEST VALUE I used “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” in my Bitchain, with fingerprints and bodily secretions, its samples to be kept safe, and I’ve never had a “Date” here aside from my favorite Step-Mom videos: mommyblowsbest OH JOY I PLAY WITH MY P-DUE “TOY” like most boys, and without paying a price for girls on-screen, to be seen, that I digress from anything sexual and “BI” no bi-sexuals and speaking of “BI” I have to end this right here because I need to inspect my Google results, that remember, “Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries” right here in Vermont where I have sought to aught to donate to the ASPCA for a number of months and care for doggies, kitties, Mall Rats, and most importantly, I want my parents to give Carissa some money for her the NEWLYWED Carissa who won’t return my emails, but not Snail Mail as Dis Shit is E LECTRON IC along the widespread grid of marriages being executed in Churches with Ministers and the corrupt codes of Christianity, like them saying you can’t have sexual intercourse unless you’re married to your partner, me unsure of what to do, without my sweetie, sweaty “Boo” of 2009-2013 I don’t drink anymore and I was never in a car accident or speeding ticket reception, that A.A. provided a self-taught “Intervention” me once having been stuffed with “Intra-venous” medical preparations as I’ve always paid taxes and donated to charities like the ASPCA and receiving a t-shirt that was lame, but I want to tame… a kitty-cat here at “Averte” where I stay, sitting in my Apartment on my laptop that’s my life and my eagerness to pop the 2 or 3 medical non-Mexican PRESCRIPTION TO ANTI-SEIZURE MEDICINES! I have a “moderate/severe TBI” from 2004 when I know that some JERK he or she or them, a Klan of MY ENEMIES, they Voted in using my own name and identity when they placed my vote in 2004, on the day of “THE SET-UP” I was so injured brain cells swished and squished and I WISH SOMEONE THREW ME A “DRINKING INTERVENTION!” in 2003 or 2004!!!!!

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