I have an “Addicted To FACEBOOK” t-shirt I bought in 2005!

I was friends with one of the first employees to start Facebook in a house in California and I said, “Is there a bed there?” which was not because I wanted to sleep there (…like I asked Bruce Fenton who ran for Senator of NH if I could sleep on his couch on vacation for me…) Anyways I was curious if there was a bed in the California house with Facebook in 2005/2006 and I talked to a higher-up in 2005/2006, buying $10 x FB “gifts” 3 times, $30 spent on Facebook, but since then in 2013 or 2014 when I sent the Winklevoss twins a wink, with Facebook on the phone and Google, at Dan’s house while his wife was away for a couple days, that Dan and Jessica make a great married couple now that he is married in CT

Hahaha my Dad said, “No way there would be anyone at Facebook (Invested in) who’s sleeping on a couch!

I bought them things for their offices, like I ordered flowers for the receptionist and told her to give them to the Bosses but she either gave them to her friends or took them home, and later I was on the phone with the Bosses at Google, years later, a decade later at Dan’s house in CT

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