With my time at Averte, it really blurts out something from me ` ` ` Your’s Truly, Jeffrey!

My 2005 audience so autocratic, Then, in 2005 and 2006, when I took notes from slides and I heard the words of SpaceX I copied notes, but being nut-so and jotting down info on the screen, do you know? Like that, so “phat” when suddenly I come so curmudgeon-ly, do you know? I copied notes from a SpaceX presentation with Elon who his employees didn’t like my taking notes, in tune, a zany loon listen to the loon and “To The Moon…” with gold bars and collecting a lot of Silver I wish I get all my meds 4x a day at the window =)

When uttered crumbs they combs and to the Dr. P. Diddy his Ph. D. I know a lot of doves and doctors taking Fentanyl prices, murder on the strip, so the iced tea is Snapple Crackle with not pot but CRACK from a Plumber’s Butt — Football… 1 2 3 HUT!

Mama Mia, hot Pizzeria in a diary written by my Mom and her love of pizza, reflecting having known Mellie Za in the olden days of “FB” my face on the books, Pass ported Trans-SPORTED, spotting a lifter with what drives ladies crazy with their grunting a grumble hum sung of a song and the pole jaulter is “Sprung” post-ringing and grinning with the name of the bathing bikini Hawaii vacationers keeping clear of South Korea

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