This was my first long-term car to drive to Saint John’s in my Class of 2000 at the Catholic private school, taught a lot of Islam that many of my 2000 Class are Islamic now (mostly the ones with wives)

My first manual transmission

Some battered specifics in those get Gyp’d  Egyptians “Hieroglyphics” so neat and detailed, working the pigails on a pretty princess, like a steering wheel, sucking the Twisted, Circular straps of attled get-backs, get-backs, you with and To, DISMISS THE PREMESIS!  now came-to “ing”—ZING!

And sing the such of so that this I know: me, who, I having seen the never-before-told of reaching beyond God, with the Sod of My fancy delight one Blessed night, believing in myself, my unnoticed “Within” but without anything going “in” and to me, on tippy-toes, The Statue of Liberty is tall, s tall, taking the necessity of a slender body-  when climbing steps to get in the Eyes of Lady Liberty (hear, hear!) she sighs at the signed singing Bella-Rasta-  is sure, to seek refuge in the working world of under-worked Employees…

Need a job?

TRY MICKY DEE’s (McDonalds) my Mrs. Coker of a mental hospital when he snacks I would seek chips and (beef) to the Jerky of Her Her, keys being of unavailed when warm weather and Setting Sail to seek a Yacht steam-ship, that I broke my left hip in 7 pieces, but “To Let Forever Be” including the engravement engrabbing scooped-up ENGAGEMENT with to who but buying a Hotel 6 to stay, and, @, that’s “AT” for a night of delight with a little old TV, setting to Sea at the weighed skinny “Grams” of 375ml at light beer 3 a night and not often the 375ml jotting notes of my thoughts, in the evenings, upon my seeing the writing is ignight-ling hoping for no war to be ignight-ling “Jeffry” “Jeff M” 2013 or 2014

I’ve never had fentanyl ever and I won’t try Fentanyl unless well, I DON’T DO DRUGS! but I “Doped” IGF-1 LR3 recombinant protein peptides and precious metals I have a gram of Gold Bar, but really come on now “you tell yourselfs with Josie Maran on the cover of Fitness Magazine with my seeing her beautiful face and skinny body, but she’s a mother and I think I couldn’t handle anything more than paying Taxes on my Bitcoin and so many Stocks of 2013 or 2014” after I’d read to Elon Musk I told him I had to go to the hospitals ICU TBI wrxtbi

Because I would rather explore God’s universe with Allah always accelerating and as soon as I got to God — who I reached beyond Him in 2013 into space where only stars exist, that God Himself The Father The Creator of His universe — He’s adding planets and galaxies of various size with maybe life on them, but I didn’t see any flying objects coming near me that I swear- I went in a perfectly straight-line with Allah taking me to God at the edge of His universe, always traveling at the speed-of-light bring planets and galaxies into His universe — I almost died in 2004 ICU for a month — I purposely scored 0% on my Health I mid-term class its because I didn’t fill in a single bubble and handed it into Mrs. Waskevich at Woo State where I never had any problems and I scored B+ with an A- and an “A” but not plus because I didn’t score 100% on the final I aced, that I said, pray for me to be in Space with Allah and it’s because of the internet, reading experience, experiencing it myself and it’s not like running because acceleration is a great thing with my asking:

Can I have Google SPECIAL again ?????

I know my Mom won’t give a Certified Certificate ensuring my much money  how is Mannie??? how is Nick D.? How is Danita? How’s her brother? I got him started in lifting weights and he was big arms, that I told him how IGF-1 LR3 crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier to create enough new brain cells to my TBI “Recovery” that many people said to me, “You make sense when you speak so it didn’t have to get a Prescription for 100 or so “Ventolin Inhalers” of Mannie years ago does she remember the many Gifts that I bought $30 from Facebook, I wanted Mannie to come to Massachusetts WSU I don’t use a Mannie account that I made for her and I have tried to “behind the fridge where Hampy hid.” Right Mom Deborah Marquis 50% of my profits I will donate to Christian churches and I hope to have over 50% ownership with the agreement we signed, giving my Dad 49% of my Bitcoins, and there is a force faster than light, Tantric sex with no pain, that to spread my wealth would be very nice!

If Justine won’t be with me again not caring about what the oil prices are-  me the peaceful 360 I have a $$,$$$ 20-something K gold necklace from my deceased uncle Mickey Donohue and Sophie Marquis my Grammy prayers

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