My Additional phrases, singing Praises of hopefully my parents allowing me to buy a house near them and a new or used Tesla, when but only then, with me at the wheel, taking Justine for a spin, spending a couple bucks, she’s the #1 Chosen 1 with cellulite on her buns that maybe she’s thin now, I don’t know what’s what, butts I like to think about my not smoking cigarettes or cigars anyway, that at any day now, I seek the stumbled Cow to prance and dance with Lance to the Strong Arms in my clean and hardcore corporeal self, with imitation Polo Blue on my shelf, having seen the movie “Elf” with Chris and Christie in 2005, my friends, not since and only then, Alas, I bought Carissa a “wedding planner” glass, that’s me who I don’t wear the under-shirts known as “wifebeaters” that’s so old, salmon uncold, my supreme “story” travelogue of time with Allah, it has been already told, but deleted 38.4 MB in the days of old, the days of “Yore” the egg yolk tossed, scrambled, my blogs being mishandled by my enemies!

Founding in 1986
New York Knicks
Humble “hicks”

something something “Abercrombie”

Because that’s where I’ll be along with Ocean Atlantic for me, to see, ever so SPLENDIDLY

Dranking the drained Summer Shandy beer, a long time ago in Cape Cod by the beach, me to see, skimpy little bathing suits, hiding The Fruits of the upper and lower halfs, exposed legs, the juicy calves, the muscle, to Hustle and Score

Moreso you and your, those, them, those-ies on my Toesies within without any socks of a hobby Block of New Kids On The… yeah I told Justine’s brother I wanted him to sing along to songs in his truck, him with his first job, McDonalds daily with Lee jeans and a millionaire I miss-  but buying him a Tesla in as soon as 2023 or 2030, maybe, when I sell the spent mucho money ME MACHO, putting on a couple pounds, and stacks of books

When these my “Crypto” the increase in value, it resounds, evermore, opening the door with a lock, key, and hammer banter banging on the sexy persuasion of Peter wearing a dress, my guest, being at The Sole ( delicious food, where I’ve proven myself to be a painter in Acrylics, painting nude Acrylics

Ways of the wonderlust big-backed honkey’s butts in the Manual Transmission, hit the “Clutch. . . a bag” of a fine woman pulling out some U.S. Dollars having bought the Coach Clutch I’d stick and shift, bearing a midriff with [ The Messenger ]

What-  a Winter sea-salt spread to those who knows, use snow-tires, and the morningly Sunrise the Sun shows—but I haven’t been slow in years since my “TBI Recovery” that my abilities came back, and the NO ALCOHOL NO MMJ when You Know ???

Pinkie stumble and jarbeled labels of left and right “Lab-oh-yeah” feeling the vision of OOF I puff the crops and stuff, WITHOUT THC! I LIKE CBD ONLY!

Daintly dancing the lingo that ding-dong at the door, a Vicky’s delivery of thongs so more undies to be tucking away a fine fancy fantastic curiousity to take a writing workshop at me 40 years old on medz

I’m attracted to the benefits of having FRIENDS, MY FRIENDS, ALL OF THE STAFF,  here at “Averte” when I swear I knew Elon Musk fairly well, especially a 40+ minute (44 minutes I believe…) phone to the CALL ME ELON! PLEASE WE WERE FRIENDS! I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG!  CRYPTO-CURRENCIES ARE HERE TO STAY FRIENDS WITH ME, have you ever been to Worcester, MA where I lived on Geneva Street and Brian McNeil didn’t believe me I was friends with Elon!

I attended Astro Camp in Oxford, MA

Elon Musk was glad I called him! He’s tall and I ordered a package for him because of my Traumatic Brain Injury with something I told him no one else would be able to give him, Humatrope, told him I’d like to see him put it in his neck for the Blood-Brain Barrier and I was not drinking for years of Sobriety, like I’ve been Sober for many years, no sips 3+ years!

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