Merilee told me that marijuana is legal now, I have 2 expired cards for me once being with that had needed, now using only CBD and instead, of breaking bread with my supposedly-deceased Minister Rev. Jim Chase, that him and Elon CALL ME POST-HASTE! for of chastity unbridled, want to have Justine Aragona as my first-ever and never “fisted”… my gay English Saint John’s teacher who abused me with a drug, I “fisted” him with my left hand, and and throughout the land of sees and saws, that Jason Chase broke his neck when I left living at home SOBER 2016!

I would rather be accelerating with Allah in God’s “universe” especially getting through the Big Bang and then onto God, but having reached through His “Illusion” at the edge of space in 2013 — In 2005 and 2006 I attended Bitcoin on Facebook, and called their offices, then investing so much years later after I broke up with Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona who cheated on me 1 time but I’m over it and her Mom knows how special of a couple for years we were because we were both “Recovering” from separate TBI’s and broken bones from car accidents that were not our fault! — and I told her to invest in Bitcoin and she really did! I think she’s earned $30,000 I told her to use it to buy a 2000 Acura Integra Type-R, selling it at $30k that I got Justine’s step-Dad to pull his Bitcoins because I was breaking up with Justine and he said to me, “I knew you wouldn’t make money with these Bitcoins that I told him to buy the real coins, or just 1 coin because of my Wall St. “Tip” big tips at The Sole and the Body of Christ when all is nice in the nighttime which my screen is always at its brightest, providing the lightest mention of that this Tiph who I try not to write about, we have separate lives and she has a baby I’m not with her I AM WITH HOPES OF SELLING MY STOCKS TO BUY A HOUSE OR APARTMENT FOR US, WITH A MAID OF COURSE~

I doubt she’s able to take me to God, like with Justine did when she slept over my house all night long in 2013 that I thank her and her parents, Linda bought Bitcoin and Justine is a millionaire like many people I know and talk to every day… I have a couple hundred dollars of Bitcoin, from $500 or so, and I want to be given a diamond ring that I can give to Justine Aragona when we get married. We didn’t have a disease and I doubt she got covid-19 that I wrote to China about Wu-Tang Clan and then that’s because I said, “Buy a map of China and tell me where you think they should have a virus,” so he picked far away from his friends on the East side, or the West Side, but I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT UKRAINE — like I told Dan to buy me a 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO that they said 250 on the news and I’ve already seen “$250” once tonight and then I wrote it down hours ago when I was jattering text unto a fortunate viewer on LinkedIn: MY OLD FRIEND STEPHEN CULLEN AT APPLE!

I put a spell on you:

Spicere Sincere the few their God Given [ NIN ] when oh when I was “TEN” or so and so rightfully highly-rated on with my Spawn #1 worth many hundreds of dollars, I remember it was Todd McFarlane who invented the comic and the movie, where you should be, here alright that’s right, Right Here and Near to the essential “oh-so ‘enamored’” with pussy glitter and gloss with glad damsels layed-then, to a convenient store near Saint John’s the WHITE HEN! and when I wish white soap suds in the SHOWER POWER! barefutted that’s bare-foot to the took of the talk and Roosters “SQUACK” with Diesel Drivers tanking down the highway being, packed to the brim, the upper-ringing in my ears, sans Pacific grassy classy ASS-ey AND EASY, to please me poignant lips, I drool with the toxic breathe, Christmas Wreathe ridding right at the days of early Jan. to post-NYE take off the Holiday drinking beer, when the Ball drops, wearing Gucci flip-flops, listening to the Playboy Hunny but hun, you’re humble, now humming to myself—and a His hum when driving through The Projects, a Niagara “slum” with support of my Charity givings to Rev. Anne Skinner—so we all win! “because you’re mine!”

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