I have a “severe” Traumatic Brain Injury from 2004

I had a limousine and I used Lumosity at The Sole Proprietor in Worcester, MA where the staff liked me…

Railway trans-lucent brain “training” at Lumosity.com I used on my laptop and in a limosuine in 2018 the years before my parents who love me mucho, and renting a limo and challenging my TBI damn them damaged Neurology of Ph. D. pages, with my Operation, of Maple Hams and chanting changed to PRAISE JEHOVAH! I hope my friendship with TBI the JW.org sort named Peter L S. on Facebook, I Chase the yams and KY jello jams on JAM’N 94.5 FM thats radio wide based in Boston/Worcester the Big Sean “Blessed” I listened to on repeat, and buying the CD with a signed check, peeping cheeks for online justchillen “Jollies” for faulty functioning in my addled-brain, coming correct with a POSITIVE I’m being followed by Elon, of 2005 and 2006 when, talking to him, we talked about our dicks for only a moment, when I told him about IGF-1 LR3 that increases length, width, and girls loving pen’s GIFTED GIRTH, but not so bugged computers, a private part so big, to hear the. The. The. the “male” I’ve had a couple in previous years, but mostly I crave females, and my Amazon packages, delighted to be Delivered to Elon Musk via NASDAQ: “FB” the profits I did see, and to shut Facebook down? I WANT FACEBOOK TO CLOSE ITS “PORTS” on 80 (and 8080) but open we me and Dan, we used IRC #Bitcoin telling Bruce Fenton to go on, too, him the Bitcoin sort of profiteer and politely I declare, I need to talk to Elon and/or Bruce, me having purchased two important women Gift-Cards to “Charolette Russe” they liked that, they liked how I did that, to share my wealth, SOBER 2016 my bodily health, and my great WEALTH of Jolly glad tidings, but I had to spent a night in the hospital because my liver values were askew, that I viewed the full-grown staff in the hospital when I feigned a suicide attempt, and I was so thankful to be safe for a night, here the staff and residents make me STRIFE having been here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont of New England that and then so I know I have to go to home sweet home in Charlton, Mass, attending a Christmas Ever Even on the Eve of Christian’s “Christ Jesus ‘Church Mass’” when I want to buy a house in Charlton or Worcester, serving up textual better than sex, upon your screen, a police sketch, my face to be seen, that I wonder “IS THIS A 2004 DREAM?”

I have many 1992 Barcelona Olympics NBA cards in excellent continued addition of my Precious Metals, an ounce of Zinc, that I dumped out an unknown liquid that looked dark, to rid in the dumped out in the sink, but I wonder what that dark brown Distinguished as a disguised perhaps a drug?

All I know is that I get no hugs from the employees here — this thesis of my attention to verbal discretion of me not seeking sex with anyone but the hours-from-here in Vermont, her I don’t know where she is, but I belong with a TBI “Survivor” like Justine, and I’m sorry for punching her arm upon her teasing me- making me think, that she would be, dating Tony who barely TBI-recovered he couldn’t get it up, that I went straight—totally straight except a man’s mouth YOU ASTOUNDED, a mouth surrounded that important organ, I see that I get hits from a line of text, “mommyblowsbest” but fully respecting the Holy union of my Mom and Dad’s marriage, yeah they’ll always stay married, my fetus, my Mom, carried until the Blessed day at a late hour come morning, I was DELIVERED in the Operating Room at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, MA on that Blessed day, in the month of March (20th) The First Day of Spring!

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