SOBER 2016! no sips in 3+ years! Comic books from the 1950’s and I’m into Stocks, Bitcoins, Precious metals mental abilities from IGF-1 LR3 in my neck in 2005 and an “A” at WSU Dr. Brandi Scruggs my teacher who gave me an “A” on paper but an “A+ in conversation” conference calls with special geniuses through a Ph. D.

I haven’t had any caffeine pills that are too strong and I only have Diet Red Bull 2 today 0 tomorrow because my parents know that Google: “Parthenogenesis” and there have been many virgin births before and after Jesus Christ that I downloaded and I listened to it on repeat overnight on repeat for months and months in my “Recovery” at home and people didn’t realize what I was doing by telling Mike Lindell “I want you to tell me if you’re on drugs” and he said he enjoyed crack for an entire week, I got a call from someone asking why I would want to talk to someone in Mexico and I said, “Hi I see this is an unknown number and I assume this is someone thinking I was inquiring about my telling Mike Lindell — I read the beginning of his book that came with my pillow — I said “pill oh?” that my online friends were not believing me that I emailed the webmaster at a Donald Trump website, with a forum, that Mike Lindell had a really great post of his luxury items and I told him how my parents made me take the pain of Jesus Christ’s “Crucifixion” when a bunch of people didn’t believe me, that anyone who endures a personal “Crucifixion” I suffered for Jesus Christ many times!


ALL LIVES MATTER! I have been forgiven for my TBI and I experimented with drugs but in high school I didn’t smoke anything before school driven there by 2 potheads at Saint John’s and went without it, that of all the schools in the area being Christian, I wanted those because I told my parents I’ve accelerated past public school and need to be under Care. Here at “Averte”

My parents are okay with me being into God and Allah, and although I worship God, I might want to stay with Allah and explore the universe of GOD’S where and when Bitcoin goes back up — I have ten wallets I arranged about a year or less after I saw “The Social Network” in theaters TWICE! ❤

My parents control my money.

My Dad got me on Facebook early.

I signed up for one at the Disability Office in Southbridge, MA in 2006 when I worked for my Dad’s huge plastics/polymers business ECM and my Aunt Donna Donohue knows people in Congress, that I motivated Bruce Fenton to run for Senator when in 2005/2006 I wrote “VOTE BRUCE FENTON FOR SENATOR!” on his wall that many people liked him and on video chats with him, I saw a Bitcoin logo on his shelves in his office on video chats, and I bought him an Encyclopedia collection when I said, “You either read all of those in order, or backwards if you’re against me, or get involved in Bitcoin — because I saw a dollar sign and I wanted him to have more money than my Dad who liked it a lot when I found I used when I invested so much money to profits I’m fine with giving 100% of my Dogecoin and maybe “Shiba Inu” to Aunt Donna Donohue who has Bismark MY AUNT DONNA DONOHUE had a bunch of books, a big stack, when I focused on my writing prose and poetry at Worcester State University I couldn’t pass Lit classes, but I got an “A” in Psychology I that the college later said I failed the class when my parents thought I was lying about getting an “A” and they got involved, when I heard from my parents that something was “on” with my over-correction of my TBI and buying “Advanced Chillen” DOT-COM in 2006 or 2007 when I lived at my real home with my parents who they them didn’t like how I would buy 10 $1 “Facebook Gifts” three times but I have a TBI and 3 dot-com’s that I canceled my blogs in 2010 to 2013 or when I was with Justine Aragona I had my alwayschillen dot-com and


A- Poetry II, B+ Creative Writing: Dr. Walker of Creative Writing he wanted to have me resubmit an assignment, the one that didn’t do well, the only assignment that I did poorly on, I got straight A’s and an F on 1 stupid assignment ) He wanted me to get an A or an A- in our class and he believed me that I talked to Elon Musk before the class began and I used for Inspiration and for the grading that I did in the class, when I would keep the submissions like I graded the assignments and I would write my thoughts on what the paper deserved, and he taught me how to write, and, how? I’m not okay with being locked up in a mental hospital and Facebook has access to a small percent of users unlike AIM that I was “Jeffrey Marquis” and my parents were “Marquis Parents” I made them an account in 2005 or 2006 when I was living in Worcester, MA near WSU I wrote a brief article for The Student Voice and I would hang around the English offices in the morning and I had 2 afternoon classes, that I started with one class to begin with my Disabilities and Handicaps, ❤ Facebook ❤ Apple ❤ Mom and Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue

I have less than $1000 in my Bank of America and it’s been as such and so, which is really sucking that I had to cancel a Bank of France with so many Euro’s and I heard that was allowed — I posted in my handwritten and typed “Public Ledger” that my name Marquis is French and from royalty — I told my parents and my Minister that the only reason I found out about BitTorrent and a bad internet-forum that caused some bad things in my life — that my enemies and my parents caused me to panic and drink when I was so sad I wasn’t smart enough for WSU Computer Science and I was lucky to not have a criminal record or ever having been never arrested or taken into parental custody, I never drove drunk and I didn’t smoke at Saint John’s High School so I succeeded in being popular with my Class of 2000 and there’s so many millionaire students I went to school with and I never went to a “school dance” drunk! I remember on my computer I was in a same chatroom as the real “Napster” programming on IRC that’s Internet Relay Chat that’s still around, and I was in #bitcoin and I bought a lot of gifts who I’m pretty sure I bought William Blasius and he’s getting a Tesla in as soon as 2023 I chose to sell my Investments in 2023 because of Miley Cyrus and Michael Jordan in the song “23” on YouTube that I named some of the YouTube songs when I reached out and called YouTube to have the receptionist to use a “Check” from my bank in 2005 to sign up for YouTube Premium in exchange for an official $1 Facebook “Gift” icon for her, that they kept me on the phone for an hour or 2 when they wanted to hear me reading what I’ve written for my “English w/ Conc. in WRITING” classes, because I wrote a lot on Facebook about how I was severely injured in 2004 and I had so much to talk about my Near-Death Experience getting beyond Jesus Christ BECAUSE I DEDICATED MY SUFFERING TO RELIEVE JESUS CHRIST’S PTSD and while I don’t think of anyone but Allah and God and Jehovah — BIG INTO JW.ORG — BIG INTO ELON MUSK — I’ve got a Bitcoin poster and I’ve never spoken to the Minister of my Charlton Federated Church because my parents didn’t want me to know about Rev. Jim Chase’s death that I believe William Blasius my friend from my hometown with my Mom and Dad, and my Mom well she thinks he’s nice from Church and our long conversations after buying him many gifts and I tried to tell him how bad the homosexual teacher I had was in 2001 or 2002 one night when he got me to drink so much coffee — he drove on speed after hours of intercourse, that I was raped overnight when I denied the suffering and tried to enjoy unprotected sex as I’d never had a girlfriend in high school, Saint John’s and your purpose for reading this is because you’re examining my knowledge and wellbeing after spending 40+ maybe 44 minutes with Elon Musk in 2005, he liked how I went to the school with a few phonecalls, but then I was mean with the school, Saint John’s, saying “THANKS FOR EMPLOYING MR. DEEDY!” he raped my whole body except my mouth on his pierced nipples he’d wear to school the nipple rings AND HE WOULD WEAR A COCK RING HE SHOWED ME IN HIS CLASSROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS HE SAT ME IN THE FRONT ROW AND HE HAD A PRIVATE “METAL-PIECE” ON IN CLASS EVERY DAY FOR ABOUT A MONTH, THEN HE TAUGHT “THEATER” SENIOR YEAR!

He assaulted me with his penis in 2001/2002 near New Years on a drug he bought to make me horny, and I think he’s straight now at SPM teaching again, but, my parents took care of things with him and the Catholic High School, that I was subjected to phrases and speaking into a phone at the Leicester location with a speakerphone, screaming, “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE A FAGGOT YOU BUTT BOY GAY HOMO!”

I’m on a lot of medicines and a Decanoate Shot every 3 weeks Haloperidol, many medications taken here that I don’t get a multivitamin every day to my dismay that they only give me 1 red circular pill that’s a multivitamin, me the GNC Asst. Manager 2003/2004 when I lived with my parents, and I want to buy a house on the same street as my Mom and Dad, plus buying my Aunt Donna Donohue a house nearby that I’m 3+ hours away from the 3 people I talk to several times a day and they’ve always been great about visiting me in mental hospitals and my 3 Apartments after living in a house near WSU and their gym that I would “Recover” with cardio my “Spastic Gait” funny walking back then, I hope the Saint John’s Class of 2000 doesn’t hate me and I talked to Dana Gardner my previous best-friend when after I had really gotten to know Elon Musk, actually speaking to each other and knowing each other online — I wanted to ELON-gate my legs (doctors shrunk them in 2005) and ELON-gate my arms, right arm a little bigger (doctors shrunk in 2006)

I have a TBI and near-death experience that my Spawn #1 comic book and buying $30 in Facebook “Gifts” to share some with Facebook employees and beautiful girls, that I had a lot of communication with NASDAQ: “FB” in 2005/2006 and I told my friend with Mark in the same house in California, where I paid $30 for 30 “Gifts” I would post with nice messages when I was Recovering with Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital my Mom took a year off from teaching to bring me to my Traumatic Brain Injury “Therapies” and Dr. David Kent of Indiana State University was a really great Therapist with our meetings for 1 hour at most, twice a week I told him about Bitcoin and Tesla, I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005 and I wanted Trump to run for President — I befriended Mike Lindell on a Trump BB and he was in Mexico — I told him about sleep and he was in Mexico that he maybe sent me some mail my parents threw out all of the data and papers from 2005 when I had my school email and I was on Facebook weeks early, before you could register, the general public, but my Dad got me on Facebook in 2005/2006 because I have an “Associate’s Degree in Computer Science” that I also had a job in the ECM Plastics, Inc. “President’s” office doing data-entry to learn how to type fast, and is it coincidental that the 250 GTO the most expensive car in the world I want to buy is a “250”… that Elon Musk — who I talked to for 40+ minutes in 2005! he was at an airport — his Tesla Roadster goes “250+ MPH”

I listened to Rev. Bill McGinnis of on repeat all night for many weeks and months with 13,000+ plays on a laptop MacBook Pro in 2005 and 2006, and I wrote a 13,000+ page essay I know it was 38.4 MB and I bought Microsoft Word to write it, but I only sent it to my Minister who passed away and he was really hearing me out as far as “PARTHENOGENESIS” being PREGNANT WITHOUT SPERM, LIKE JESUS CHRIST, women can have real babies without any men involved, that I went to a Catholic High School Class of 2000 that I’ve been on the phone with the school, but I have not a single SJ classmate on here because of a teacher who was gay, and that’s when I denied Allah because it was with a man — years later, my prayers were answered with my #1 favorite lover ever, Justine 2009 to 2013 and I drank too much, then, that I got SOBER in 2016 with A.A. only TWICE, when I told them all, “I know a lot about the many “virgin births” that have always taken place and I have a belief that you should read my and my and and please pray for PEACE in the world with international things, like in 2013 or 2014 I had Dan’s office assistant buying us international calling cards and I once had a Bank of France and so many Euro’s (or Oreo’s) I just told Ben here about buying investing in Iron Ore online that I’m into Precious Metals and money because I’m saving it for 2023 because of Miley Cyrus and I bought her CD the day it came out, and I asked 2 employees if I was the first person to buy it that day and they said things that my parents have been so happy with me pre-2009 when I was “Recovering” and working at my Dad’s company driving a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT each day WHEN I WENT TO A PRIVATE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL: SAINT JOHN’S! 😃

I don’t smoke cigarettes or THC THAT I’M DUE FOR A HALOPERIDOL ANTI-PSYCHOTIC INJECTION I went in a perfectly straight line like a laser- I before I entered I pointed to the edge of space WITH MY DISABLED AND HANDICAPPED LEFT ARM saying to Justine, “Justine, TAKE ME TO GOD!”

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