I’ve looked a whole bunch of “ways” since my TBI in 2004!

Join me on this photo gallery that’s from 2005-2021, very severely injured at first, but then I became hooked on working out and Building Myself Back BETTER!

This is me in 2005, UNRECOVERED and I was prescribed horrible medications by an evil doctor, who, he who will remain nameless… He was doing favors for MY ENEMIES, and my parents said I don’t have to see him “ever again” which I’m so happy about because my enemies bribed him and I HOPE MY ENEMIES GO TO HELL FOR FUCKING ME UP SO AWFULLY !!!!! My and My

I was forced by my enemies (and my parents…) to take Estrogen pills and get shots for it, from a doctor I hate and he’s a real piece-of-shit asshole I want to never see him ever again!

I was prescribed Estrogen that a motherfucking corrupt doctor sent me to mental hospitals FIVE TIMES, that fuck, I hope he suffers always! Mr. Jeffrey Marquis (official Alias: “Jeffry” and official Alias, “Jeff M”) yeah ME early on in my RECOVERY, when, I was not yet exercising with crossing eyes double double vision. vision.

But then after some DHEA that caused zits, I got over that pill when I was at my worst, and I was skinny at Chandler Gardens being happy enough.

Katie Byszek commented, “Busting a move in your undies? That is the coolest thing ever!”

And here I am in the same place at the lovely Chandler Gardens where I would use the WSU Treadmill every weeknight for 60 to 90 minutes at 3.0 MPH without an Incline in the best shape of my life sit-up’s!

T3/T4 and “protein-peptides” I was growing with these great amino-acids that are still available in many places online.

Here I am at home with plenty of exercise at Boost Fitness and having stopped drinking all alcohol I keep it up to abstain from the beer and alcohol!

I had trainers at the gym, and everyone said I was in the best shape of my life!

My body is very important to me, and I have a big unit, that last night I looked at my unit semi-hard and I really am so BLESSED to be really greatly “ELON-gated” and bulky and thick and strong and I’m so happy I have a very large one, which brings us to the physical shape I was in circa 2011 :^D

I bought Justine that PINK AND WHITE STRIPED PURSE because of this:

This is why I bought Justine the purse, which was funny because I was reading the girl on the right who was tall, and I would write so many 20+ page long .doc’s (Microsoft Word for English’s my “Concentration in Writing”) and I had so much fun with images saved from Facebook when I had 500+ Friends and Ashley was never my friend WHICH IS TOO BAD BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT INFLUENCE TO SUCCEED !!!!! But she killed herself and 2 or 3 other people, who, Ashley just got dumped by her jock boyfriend and she got drunk really drunk and drove backwards on the highway into an oncoming car of people just driving on I-290 where I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a speeding-ticket back home with my Mom and Dad who know I’m not perfectly FIT to drive here, always medicated and sleeping odd hours, even though I have a lot of Tesla Stocks I want the Tesla Roadster 250+ MPH unheard of

Here I am after buying FIVE BOTTLES ($300) OF “GH2” while it was sold in stores, but I haven’t used it since it was taken off the market I’VE DONE GREAT WITHOUT TEST-BOOSTER PILLS, SO NO PROHORMONES, when, in roughly about 2008 I quit using muscle-builders… and then 2016 WHEN I GOT FULLY SOBER, and you can see how much the GH2 pill made me grow for about $3 a pill! 30 pills for $70 online, and once having paid $134.99 at a muscle store that had a pill for size with GH being boosted all day and night- yes in a pill that cost $3.25 a piece I would take 1 or 2 a day and eat at The Sole Proprietor with big entree’s and no alcohol or driving too fast 35 minutes away, picking up a pack of Double Diamond pack-cigars I would smoke on my front steps and my parents were applauding me for going to the gym, where, the cigars effect didn’t take over my body totally because I always had good workouts and I haven’t called that bullshit Nugenix number for Total-T bullshit, I’m not as big as I was in this 2015 INFLATED BODY without any ordered-online pills or whatever… and no needles!

This is me in last year when I used my DECLINE SIT-UP BENCH on the hardest setting and used the treadmill for hours!

It is the most recent photo I have of me flexing, and I’m now at “Averte” in my bedroom, having done a strict low-carb diet, looking thin, when I was great about my diet — really I only at protein, ZERO CARBS and low on fat!

I have a really big unit especially because of a Doctor who gave me a pill when I left a mental hospital total of 3 times him forcing me to take it easy and stop the caffeine pills and stop the MMJ for 2 of the times… but back to what I said “unit” mine WHICH HE SHRUNK AN ORGAN OF MINE FOR THE TIME WHILE I WAS UNABLE TO LEAVE MY FLOOR (!!!) and since I went off vitamins and pre-workout supplements, that I’m not allowed to have simple caffeine pills because my parents say they make me talk loud and angry, so no caffeine pills! Uppers and Creatine make you shrink and grow smaller, to the men out there: work-out supplements shrink your genitals! Really!

I don’t have any creatine, I don’t have any vitamins, and I may be healthier without the supplements and vitamins and herbs, but I will learn and I will lean (NO TEENS ON MY SCREENS BECAUSE I’M 40+!), and live lean with the best of my efforts, that I should go back to not drinking milk… yeah that’s my next step in bodily Health and Fitness!

Oh and I haven’t read any muscle magazines in years! I haven’t subscribed to Muscle and Fitness or any sketchy magazines except Bitcoin Magazine!

They peaked at $69,044.77 each, I had 5000 at one point or 18,000 or 21,000 with candle-stick and I hope I have a bunch since 2013 or 2014 when I bought so many Bitcoins and called all around the world, seriously, I had to cancel a bank in France, my Dad made me cancel it of so many Euro’s! HE HAS MY STOCKS! TESLA, AMAZON, JOHN DEERE, FACEBOOK, DAIRY QUEEN, GAMESTOP, MATCH, ETC. ETC. I think I bought 20-30 “BLUE CHIPS”-STOCKS IN 2013 OR 2014… and just like I predicted they would rise in 2021+ because of 20″21″ I KNEW I COULD QUIT DRINKING SO EASILY! =D

Ask me about my Investments at Pacilio Wealth Management and Merrill from 2013 or 2014 that I picked ones to be worth a lot in 2021+ because of “21” I’ve been 100% SOBER not a single sip in 2.5 years!

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