Swindled and Whining while Wondering: Am I a winner of breaded “Augmentation” of my Islam in the Holy Land- its foreign “Nation” ???

Trips to the autoclaving symphony hall of Bitcoin and Ferrari posters on my wall, while clutching the Tranny, I spy, that third-eye sensors to pack a ship, loading it with foreign materials of Matthew who’s Dan’s bro and we shopped at J. Crew that night before investing with my own money—millions of dollars—sweating at the potential profits—with a wedding right tight Ring when Dan and I practiced our abilities (when I took Abilify) to sing and making phonecalls, from his home and 2 pre-paid cellphones when we honed $BONE for Carina’s visible ribs of my decision, against insemination—those 23 days with teens and 20’s as in years old and Yong-Shing’s “House (hows) Fried (f-why) Ricers (come booty enticers near and dear) or so far away in Tampa, FL when it’s the Tie of the mothers and I have a Junior “Brother”—Justin—reminding me of my own “Justine”—forlorn, when with us watching P. Hub and I distain “Club” of silted salty thunder, revealing what is under… the pantries May when I have to say, fan my fanny and Fren Drescher played “The Nanny” on TV screens. To be seen, her the accented and inspired comical Maid—like Sandy here—my counter-top waste, she clears (if it of) the sink-side face of my place but not to litter—kitty-cat kittenly-critters and a high school Freshman—with a Crater Face, the Facebook circumstance, but with led-to unleaded gasoline with the EV’s being pushed for Tesla—and my best friend Elon Musk—he said it was “Okay” with him to have as a best friend “every day” if I wanted, on the phone, 2005, after I nearly died—but I SURVIVED!

My http://www.wrxtbi.com of MY TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and its information, plus not revealeding any editing, being been like that from the start, that my writing makes me sound smart and smarter as the candles on the $CAKE need to be blown and out—a bit harder—to discern the writing written (weathered Winters) words of a sample—apologize, to, once my sorriness and storage, them AMPLE, and fuck an uncle…

Playing paid paying playing at Vicky’s—that’s hush-hush—a Tushy “Secret” of a woman’s attraction, I’m distraction of dereliction on the Northern direction of intrusion being my method of “Inspection” PRIVATE: AT-ATTENTION !!!!!


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