I haven’t gotten high from Mary and/poor Jane in many years because I’m not allowed to order “Delta” or HHC!

While I remember and WITH IT I sit here or on the bowl to postpone the professional increased pages of underlined text, 1 by 1 lines, one at a time, to under-line while available to those and ABLE TO READ, me planting “Seeders” BT currencies, that I skipped, or methinks I used IN $10,000 to BitTorrent (https://www.coindesk.com/price/bittorrent/) to repay- the dismay of empornium.us the jerks there I REPORTED THEM (!!!) I CALLED THE COPS WITH THE VIBEO, mostly illegal of insane on-screen, filmed shame, to I told the police, it didn’t suffice as they were still operating online, their domain, it drove me insane, and I tossed the DVD’s with Justine, after eating a Caesar salad—I took off so much body-fat eating salad the that Caesar of Greece or Roman dot-com when I lovingly long for some twerky beef-jerky to get me “off” goes the lights with whether the Sun Sets on TV’s I like to see, but only CNN and Fox News—the only 2 channels I’ve used in about 2 or 3 years—never ever taking a break, the news at steak of sir, my loins lowered and the tickle Tiphdizzle drifting dry about my lack of cry-ing as I don’t care anything about Tiph—because she’s now a Mother—arrange a marriage with my Brother Justin and with his little Schweetie S-too short I have surely assured him to respond, and with a rear-side “Retort” he “Report”-ed me with years previously, oh dear to the Heaven, why would be it he did that to me???—his shitty-laden concern, coming through the frustration I caused in 2004 and more a lot longer, a Singer stitch, a long one, but that didn’t last, like “Rick James. . . B- “ BUT ME SCORING A B+ in a few classes, with a FULL-ON “A” in Psychology I with the instruction of the instructor Dr. Brandi Scruggs, who, we literally HUGGED, with a simple 1-time request, “Professor I have a TBI and I need an “Embrace” I forget if I had white teethed “Dental bracing” that we hugged TWICE and she said, to me, this will “be” the last time to get closer YOU TAKE ME CLOSER TO GOD, JUSTINE ARAGONA !!!!! Reaching beyond God with my Handicapped and Disabled LEFT ARM !!!!!

But my right arm GREW 2.5″ longer in 2005 and 2006!

I should have put more in my left arm, that you can see it’s some-what shorter!

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