I bought Microsoft Word (and Stocks) with Polo socks to create a 38.4 MB document the first 100-200 pages in size=8 Arial font! and then I went 18+ I called Microsoft and got my Dad to call Microsoft at my greatest document 13,000+ pages originally of 8 East, but it was deleted by my enemies!

Primed Prisms of Time on TV with prime numbers of a .357 Trojan MAGNUMS on top- of my fridge with a hornet’s bitch to have had stitches and I don’t want any kidding around while I hear the sounds of waves- but in Africa with the slave-trade and my previous dog, Ripley, a BLACK “lab” orating the creation of a Westie—Aunt Donna Donohue, paying a few grand for Bismarck her pet puppy paper-trained way back when (near Saint John’s High School: Class of 2000, a “White HEN” I want to possess my order of a $315 Mont Blanc PEN—to sign my name on the Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, etc. etc. documents (2013 or 2014) and me planning to sell in 2023, maybe at all- that I’ve once grown in height to 3.5” TaLLer and SHRUNK by not the doctor “Shrink” of a long, long time ago (but resounding in my head, Dr. Dominic Candido, I see him now instead! 3 hours away from my real “Home”!) when I would know, GHRP-6 will make me buff- I have bought so many chocolate muffins of whenever recent years- and Supermaker’s “markets” to wheel a kart of Diet soda to keep my minute belly FULFILLED… but east on the Diet Red Bull—so I’m CHILL I’ve had for so long and storing my Soliloquies and short-Stories of doldrums Poetry For Dummies, I once was driven around in a HUM-VEE at a part-ie with Derek and Brian—I long for them to greet me—I haven’t seeing either one of these the 2 professional “chums” who we’ve had a lot of fun, together, in the cold weather—MY PARENTS PAID THE HEATING BILL!—appreciated by my Geneva St. roommates, with meats on our dinner-plates courtesy of “Emerald Meats” we would eat-s, on occasion-ally, when I don’t fall for the Fu’d up plea’s and frying bacon, the Jews are sketchy about but Holy and Solemn that I have a black topcoat top-hat that’s so phat, from baked breakfast cooking and me looking and watching on-screen “Breaking Bad” a TV show that I ordered a copy-cat Black Hat of Walter “White” I wear on occasion and my grey Polo cap, and that’s that that I’m not going bald with Machismo proverbial “balls and kept covered from The Others” when a Father—my Dad—he gets in bed with my Mom and a Slumber he sleeps with “The SHE”—my Mom I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!—when all has been said and done (on NASDAQ: “FB” their “Messenger”) [The Messenger] my Mom calls me “Hon” because I dig the Dextrose—AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT BUT I INGESTED PURE, POWDERED 30 lbs. of “Dextrose” with a GH pill I’d take while awake and asleep, that the double dose made me grow big and strong—although only making me 1” TALLER:

I’d quit and I’d CUT- the my own, my bad alcohol drinking, that the extra-calories, well, they cause the asses of the girls to become FAT—AND I HATE THAT!—me wishing for those thinly-thin-thin THINNIES LIKE MANNIE ROTELLA, I wanted to smell her perfume, in-hailing through my nostrols on my nose, that now-Mrs. D’Amico- her I wanted to know and be with as a friend, her small- the Cheerleading “Flyer” so PETITE this Samantha—I would call her “Mantha” as I’m doing with the done and done internet-forum posting, mostly, that is “phpBB” still around ??? I had “The Poetic Voice” my writing journal on line:

I would get 40+ hits a night, this when I felt such D-LIGHT that I now work on my D-Fence:
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