I have enemies, but no energy drinks, like Blue Rockstars! =X

Personified skeleton smokes a cigarette, but I DON’T SMOKE CIGARETTES! =)

An anthropod (of exo-SKELETON…) with an iPod and no andro or stimulants like Lance’s arm being very strong, so through the things to see at the Tourney make your Journey to the land of the Northern Northeast lakes with, for breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, like last night I looked up $CAKE to see how it’s doing, but not driving or drinking alcohol, such very far in intermiddance to be smitten with a kitten—Ember here is getting a kitty, and I won’t mention the juices flowing, with me knowing, I’m being fucked with while smiling and looking forward to walking Justine Aragona “Down The Aisle”—me picking from the thick of it with a pin-prick of CoVid-19 “Boosters”—when I would once wake up with the early-morn’ Roosters in the kettle-pot, and also Kettlebells at the gym, with or without a pool, I don’t really care as I find full-body difficulty to swim, in a lake or for a pond or seas, salt water but craving a Bull Market—this while drinking Diet Red Bull until the morning-$CAKE of said lakes and the Ocean—in the morning I be Brushing, with my teeth clean and fun fun fun the gums to be flossed with grossed out seeping bits of bloody red—hey I like sugary Klondike Cones—I wish I was at my real “home”—where my gums would be flossed with flavors of MINT CONDITION—with this my mission, to be bringing, to my home, taking over the proverbial “Throne” in years to come, when I want to come home—I invested in $BONE in 2013 or 2014 with Dan, that AND I need a new Tesla with my Stocks and money in all of New England—LONG LIVE THE KING—with Queenie singing delightful songs and instead of smoking a Stogie—I wonder how my body-odors of me smelling great, and showing displeasure at those who say “take a shower at this hour!” that causes me to sway in my leisure, that I’m sure I’m all clean all over, hoping for a lover of 2009-2013 my Justine in her late 20’s I wonder if she parties, at all, her so small and taking sips of non-alcoholic “drinks” of lemonade—being made and prepared, saying and laying, her beautiful Mom who mixed up her Thongs—and with Justine’s intimate fabrics of me to feel glee while fucking her Mom in the shower, me so proud, I said ALOUD, “I want to be with Justine after we do THIS, when I believe we kissed, with the water running and my www-dot-com’s humming the transfer of letter’s which makes me feel so much better—to get “out there”—and that I CARE on occasion on my Facebook (invested thousands of USD the other day, being in 2013 or 2014 I don’t know, about how much cash I’ve legitimately “Accrued” that that night in CT with Dan, he bought clothes at J. Crew—but I saved my own $120 or $140 to Invest in stocks and “crypto” that this I know:  a million dollars in TD Bank, my Dad to thank, and maybe just possibly Dan, away from me and ignoring me, in a Southern land—me on a network of many, here, at “Averte” in VT—I saw Bruce Fenton was in Freedom, NH for a fine video, our conversation period of a few months, that, such and such, I told him my history of TBI with but before that, “Computer Science” and “Keyboarding” the CBD I’m hoarding, instead of skate-boarding that my balance is off from my TBI, that when I wish for a sultry all-over kiss from a Mrs. I SIGH when I said I said and sailed to the S.H.I.P. Traumatic Brain Injury, all organized, this TBI “Organ-ization” on a Kettle Plantation of growing from seeds, the CBD clarity I need and that I like my internal organs to stay internet-internal, which is slow as a snail, that Jesus was nailed (screwed down to my Posts) and he was literally “stoned” with rock-solid Rocks that were where they where wearing no shirt, him a regular “virgin birth” of Mary (Google: “Parthenogenesis”) whence pushing Jesus Christ out of her V-part to part the lips, and squirming and SQUIRTING out her hips (MY OWN LEFT HIP WAS IN 7 PIECES IN 2004!)

Please visit my www.wrxtbi.com with a picture of my X-Ray, and then read me and my, oh my https://alwayschillen.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-group-of-people-including-my-parents.html

When I could take no more of a poor whoreish licking my tongue, and liking Trish and her pre-occupations in the U.S. Nation, but my old and haggard and financially not well off, I took her off, my girlfriend of 2004, I could take now no more, of her, then cheating on me, leaving me- with me at my worst—she’s seen hers—FETAL-ALCOHOL SYNDROME TWIN GIRLS! Isabella and Sofia—I do this every day and all night, this when publishing text is my Delight-  of course with Delicious ice-cream cones, my Love-Seat, my Throne, BUT I WANT TO LIVE AT HOME! and with “Swagger” they used to say, and but instead of “staggering and falling down!” I broke my Marquis-Crown with something Royal, R.C., the liquor I’d sneak when feeling naughty, out of the small liquor-cabinet my parents kept… pre- and post- brain injury in 2004 when with me, I JUST COULDN’T… SEE that me, I and yours truly, I was unable to quit the drinks, like I once dumped out all of the alcohol in my house, in the Kitchen Sink, when my Mom came home I said I needed “Detox” and, at Jesus Christ, they threw to and at, him, very solid rocks!

“Party like a Rockstar”

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