I run 3 dot-com’s and the residents, some of them, they have mental issues, but I like the whole Staff $20,000/mo. rent my parents pay for!

Plentiful palaces perked up and Valiant that I want to send my best wishes to Val Chase, the Minister’s daughter, Rest In Peace Rev. Jim Chase—In October I’m going to meet a Minister of a Christian Church in Niagara Falls with my Marquis-Family I’m looking forward to finally meeting her as I’ve known her on Facebook and the phone, buying her books about religions, that her Hannah House (dot net) new website she’s so kind and helping me stay focused with my Traumatic Brain Injury “Recovery” 2005 and since then not drinking alcohol I had to “Recover” and I’ve done so much good in my brain that was “moderate/severe” damage and being in the ICU for a full month, I dedicated my intense suffering to Jesus Christ—I believe we all must suffer post-death for a while, that I’ve had my worshipping Jesus Christ as central to my beliefs, that “Hannah House” has roots in Hebrew and I don’t drink “Brew” as in Beer—that I wrote about steering earlier, I steer clear of alcohol, MMJ, and drugs I don’t have a prescription to—I get 3 medium-size Xanax a day and that takes care of my “anxiety” and “depression” here at “Averte” rehab home with my own Apartment and I like it here a lot but not driving for years—and thank God that Russia is influencing Putin to stop the fighting, and I don’t have CoVid-19 or any viruses or diseases! I’m very bored here and I think my 5000 or way more Bitcoins sold at $64,000 each—thank you @Danimal Dan, my older cousin who I stayed at his house and he’s not pleased with me because I set him to get 0.3% while he did all of the work—I picked the Stocks I knew would go up in 2018 a little and then 2021+ because I had a problem with drinking beer every single night, at home and years ago, But I told Dan we’d buy twin mansions and I would buy him a 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena that’s a beautiful car and I told him to buy a new Honda Civic Type-R that they sell for $40,000 and that when it was 2021 or 2023, because of the Miley Cyrus song “23” I bought her “Bangerz” disc when it came out that day hearing her “Wrecking Ball” on KISS108 and I’d like to MARRY “Tini Ara” Justine Aragona 2009-2013 my best girlfriend ever who loves me and I love her—we both have TBI’s and we found love from 2009-2013 so I want her back! And I want to talk to Elon Musk again like in 2005 when he saw my ruined Subaru WRX and called me or I called him first with a picture of my totaled vehicle, which he thought someone died, but only I was greatly injured in 2004 and we talked for 40+ minutes when he was waiting for a plane at the airport, when I asked him if we could be “best friends” and he said, “I already have a best friend, but I can be your best friend every day if you want!”

Worcester State University perfected my WRITING, Concentration in WRITING with an A- in Poetry II and a published article in The Student Voice in 2006 or 2007 when I was paying close attention to “crypto-currencies”—I was so sad and in pain with my great injuries and I typed in “cry” because I wanted the jerks who planned, orchestrated, and CAUSED my severe injuries ICU 1 month, Rehab hospital for 2.5 months without painkillers that I’m not addicted to anything but small amounts of Bugler tobacco everyone is okay with her at “Averte” and I’m in really great shape from LOW-CARB that I took off 34 lbs. doing LOW-CARB and quitting drinking soon after—that because alcoholism runs in my Mom’s shitty family, I went to A.A. only twice and I knew I could quit drinking all alcohol without believing in Jesus Christ and putting 100% of my Pure Faith in God Himself The Father The Creator at the edge of space and I have many religious beliefs like Jehovah’s Witness with my friend Peter who he has a TBI too and we would eat at my favorite restaurant where I would eat, all of the delicious food SOBER at the time before I was moved—by my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad in Charlton, MA where I lived until 2019 and I’m not working at a company to make money, which I have plenty of through my $$,$$$,$$$ Mom and Dad—ECM Plastics, Inc. owner/President—I love my parents and my Aunt Donna Donohue and Justine Aragona—but that’s about it as far as the people I stay involved with, except I haven’t talked to Justine in many years—me now hoping I can Marry her!

We broke up when she was turning 21 years old because I drank then but I quit drinking 3 years after we broke up, her parents broke us up, I needed help, and I should have stopped earlier and not gotten fat at 235 lbs.

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