I’ve got my writing going to the back-ho’ing holes abroad and aboard when I’m nailing would, you even dare to care about the State of The Nation?

“Marquis” is indicative of “French Royalty” so please let the “mermaid” Mannie, her to know, it be so…

Grip and gripe and go, jerking “it” off at the French “Marquis”-fried ’n’ best-of-all “very friendly…” Stripper Show when the Ladies O they Love it all with my in-cogneto neat to the Oh shambles the torn laces of amen and amble patriot-missiles coasting to costing us everything in this great country of ours… we’re down to hours of TT why you- and later skater the coffee of mister Bradshaw on Ramshorn with Marcus Murray my TBI “Co-Patriot’s” the Football on NBC is the place to be, Merrill heeee heee heee cheering with Mama-dukes, its, well, it’s her day in May of me never having known what a hardcore VHS tape of nude figures, really looked like until I had That DP Tape of hardcore stretching atrocities merrily ME SO HORNED KNEE that’s got a news: to the nest of BEES in their “Hives” — would you call an ambulance because I have both hives and I’m HIV-policy to click the keys, all to make you READ MY TERRIFIC WRITING FROM THIS POINT ON, and feel free to me-mail it when “oh my cup- it runs wide and long this is over lover of lobes and meals-on-wheelie’s, and getting head of hers and hers and hers—three girls’es common intercourse, having not yanked-out who their BC it had me, their oral-sex on me, I have known and loved, kissing them goodnight when my Mom brought them female tampons I tampered with them, that me with no temper—as beautiful as Ember here the sexually-Stagnant not climbing on-top of me, when I give her links to my blood-sample cufflinks with an Atari Lynx hand-held when to play the games, greatly, well, trust me:  ALLAH IS WELL ALRIGHT AND GREATING (Too Much Info) nor no “Not Rated” content here you’re free to read this I stay up all night, and once again, I miss White Hens and my $315 Mont Blanc pen, for it is written, they won’t get me CHEATING or how about: MY NEVER HAVE ENDED, beating (me) PLEADING SAY PLEASE ON MY KNEES, sucking a homeless drunk, liquor, once liked by (me) the many fools who sit on their “Stools” at where but a bar—nearby to walk to, no drunk driving, PLEASE, the officer says something about his Nice Little Nieces and Nephews, they’re complying with the law, and a resistant Bruce Fenton for Senator (!!!) my old friend, doing well Pilates-  full metal-plates in my left hip $BONE my crypto-currency trading on Pay Putin not a PAL, well that’s clear to all the valiant girls of them saying, “GO DEEP! when then, and only then, we can call off the shenanigans and get some SHUT YOUR EYES while to GO TO SLEEP, (YouTube: Radiohead – Creep) when I was a creeper with hopeful for multiple partners, like them 3 girls, with first my girlfriend’s mother, once a great tipper, taking it all off, for show and at the cocktained lounge WITH NO PEPSI (PEPPER-STRAYS) PRODUCTS! that’s the best “we’re-apart” I meant to say yesterday!

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