I have “a million dollars” OR A LOT, LOT MORE… in my TD Bank, with a merely several souls to, thanks!

Who in Hootie’s name balanced a BJ’s receipt to delete, but leave my few hours of working at Home Depot out of this? — and Miss Rev. Anne Skinner, I wanted to buy a “House” and with your “Angel” (M.) also being the part of my wise-choosing YOU AS A FRIEND OF “Hannah HOUSE” !!!!! Yes correct I want to buy a house near my parents in Charlton, MA — see you soon in October!

Drop a check to a professional Care-Taker of the sick and weak and old and starving, the poor of Niagara Falls, this Humanitarian Minister woman named “Anne” like a soul of a Martian or Matches Marching still in the Month of March, to sign the Parch I meant to write MY TWO OFFICIAL “LEGAL” “ALIASES” “Jeff M” and “Jeffry” when I got the nod from Law Enforcement to check my Record — that’s pristine and clean of wrongdoing — with my REAL “ALIASES” from 2013 or 2014 when I put my knees to the floor and flicked a Cross pen, bought new, along with new laptops??? YES, TWO, AND A TABLET PC! and being kept in a safe at a bank or Pacilio Wealth Management or Merrill where Danny works now — his money to be repaid with the start of the profiting for him in 2018 and 2021 the years I chose, 18 and 21 are two important ages — wondering where S. Sage has gone writing down my license plate because I CAUGHT HIM SPEEDING going maybe 80 mph in a 50 mph Zone of when I was “In The Zone” WHEN I LIVED IN MY LEGITIMATE “HOME” IN CHARLTON, MA — that’s where I want to be, and buying a house near home — yeah that’s the zone to me, profiting so much I can’t believe, what it’s like to have had pre-2020 an MMJ “pipe” but not for breeding with any girls, as no children are in my world, a kid-free “Zone” of taking it easy as I’m skimming the milk and the breeze WITH NO “TREES” at ease always and hoping nothing happens tomorrow that North Korea has declared itself a “Nuclear Power” yesterday, with an alarming statement need to say the least, I hope for USA PEACE!

But please no nigga shit, I say, when I proclaim, “KEEP THAT VIOLENT SHIT IN THE HOUSING PROJECTS!


I hate poor people, who, ALL OF THEM, they need to SOBER UP and QUIT USING FENTANYL!

But using my own ingenious ways I was friends with Senator FENTon I hope he is Elected! Wow could you imagine that if I knew a Senator in a state nearby, to visit him and finally meet the ultra-rich him, who, I remember asking if I could sleep over his house and sleep on the couch with a sleeping bag! REALLY, I wanted to take a trip to New Hampshire on a bus or something or when I would have my Mom’s car I found him on Facebook: Him, A Public Figure, and he accepted my friend request! =D

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