Can “Cuz” come out and play ???

That’s me a while ago in Cape Cod, a great likeness…

I don’t know where to start expanding this essay, with my writing about shortly after Facebook started, I looked at “Flex” businesses in 2005-2009 HOW ABOUT, YOU’VE SEEN THE COMMERCIALS FOR “FLEX-SEAL” well I found the heavy man on Facebook and I told him to build something out of his “FLEX-SEAL” that could float on water and I told him I had a boat (“ship” I bought a boat and that’s why I chose “Heavy Industries” for my own company’s name!) and I told him if his Flex-Seal company could come out with a floating boat of his product he had a winner, and I found him from searching for millionaires on Facebook in 2005!

He types faster than me, and I wrote about Jenner S. when in the pre-tense post-taste- poor toothpaste tube, always squired out, me swinging to the do-wop BK Whopper — I preferred Torrents of “Rodeo Burgers” with NO RODENTS IN THE JOINT! so what’s worse, a nuclear holocaust world-wide draining trillions and soldiers with post-won medallions, that White Pony (Deftones) microbeal keep keeling shining like the sky lit up, taking your sweet ass time of a world-wide “Fireworks” on the YouTube screen by that classy gal who looks like Becky Philips who I HAVE MANY GREAT AND GREATER (but my own Mom is so much greater than an older married “FRIEND” could be…) and the GREATEST things to say about Becky and her “Hi Jeff…” always appreciated, and I feel vindicated for having BitTorrent taken down, as per my own suggestion, after quitting BitTorrent to WRITE WIPE RINSE REPEAT ( — or has that been taken down too — by who? — “I’m a Marquis Diamond.” Could even make a piece of pizza pie to bake upon waking in the noontime nap to take up “doing slack” — with stacks of American jingle two-shoes because who knows if what’s pure about me having suffered “in the Holy, every belief” that BELIEVE ME, I SUFFERED FOR JESUS CHRIST — the doctors took me off Morphine and painkillers in the ICU — because of my enemies and the nod of “Que? Make Jeffrey feel pain??? Why he has caused us great sadness and we should mess with him!” Yeah my parents agreed to my painful enemies great undoing of how I once played “Duke Nuke ‘Em” the video game, I played, but will there be a war with missiles coming in due had a great long story about “Virgin Births” that have always occurred, and having suffered for Jesus Christ in the hospitals I don’t owe Jesus a single thing… yeah I’ve re-paid my sins, and I’ve repaired my brain so much with a phat shot of PURE IGF-1 LR3 PROTEIN-PEPTIDE, YEAH RIGHT IN MY NECK ON THE LEFT AND RIGHT SIDES, along with my glutes, gave me a big doodle do-wop tip-top wearing running shoes… because I would use the WSU Gymnasium every single night (!!!) and all became write and right and written without sinning, yeah hardly swearing, and sweating profusely at the gym every night, jamming away and, Trotting on my WSU Gym “Garden” that I asked my friend who’s a Jehovah’s Witness, “Did Eve go to Hell for picking an apple?

I want to be with Allah in God’s universe.

I want Allah to go slower this time.

Because maybe “A million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond” I have called it for years since 2013, when I was granted a wish, The Qur’an, in hand, in bed, we prayed for over an hour at the coming of the full-body YES EVERY CELL IN MY BODY AND BRAIN RESOUNDED FOR HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS OF “ERSATZ HUMPING” no gravity, and clean with no gravel mush in her Tushy (dot-com) and Tightening sweaty warm but not hot and Enlightening me as to Space in God’s universe — the universe belongs to God because He is The Creator, but he doesn’t do much else, and here’s why I’m into Allah — ok? Imagine always accelerating with G-Forces from a second V-Spot — I had had NO POT! but the two or three beers gave me “stamina” in “the ‘Proverbs’ flavor, on her all night- when I terribly trampled her and tampered her toosh feeling her teeth with my hung Tongue slippery and slinky, where some men put their pinky, so lay down flat, and let your man where did I put my Polo hat? And like that it’s somewhere near, me never drinking beer or alcohol!, keeping it off of my mind, and my proudest achievement, SOBER 2016 onward to a shrunk dick they gave me a short IV or a shot of a minimizing medicine when I signed my name with a pen, agreeing with my Dad and Mom it would be best for me to be away from home for a short time… the this but a whole 5 times in mental-hospitals and unable to leave, when my parents lied to me, but I mostly forgive them… while they give me no awareness of my Great Financial Earnings and, with, my arms addled and fondled with Dan’s arms in my strong hands — my right hand is somewhat bigger than my left — they shrunk my left arm — I said, “I’m right handed so just use half, the rest in my left arm, PLEASE!” And the nurse agreed it was okay and alright about that, but I didn’t put up a fight, and I had started drinking one or two beers in my room at my real home in Charlton, Mass, post-Traumatic Brain Injury, most of the way done with “My Recovery” Traumatic Brain Injury when surely there will be Dana cleaning doodie and him probably a lifetime CBD user like me when I try to type my thoughts, feelings, actions, Playlists on YouTube, information from Lisa S., Peter S., Anne S. Typing to excess while I’M UNDER NO STRESS!… but this his MY yes my own, my Double. Double. Vision. Vision. my own eyes, to they please me writing while I look forward to seeing Ember’s rear in the Office, and her face in the best place to be, her standing next to me and gibbing me my morning pills, and I haven’t been ill in some time many months, panties’ clutched, driving the drastic “Gastrointestinal” surgery — when actually it’s my LIVER (no onions) in my SALAD from THE STORE when I know YOU WANT MORE of this the declaration of mine: I had to spend a night or two in the Hospital with a LIVER DYSFUNCTION in my USA… come try, come fry, my country where the bountiful beauty ( of them the babes on Baywatch that we all baked and fried with PAM the spray to not to get laid to a Holy woman like Anne Skinner the Rev. Minister “Charity Population” visiting her in October according to the plan of my Mom and Dad! <3


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