I LOVE ❤️ these two. Butt not at the same time!

Justine has my ❤️ and so does her Mom! 😃

Wince upon, when making sense-
This my defense, not impregnating
Wigger Nate, sorry I’m only JK lol
When Miley has a baby, I am “Tiph”

She’s drizzling come Syrup Slurps
Slimy Insulin “pinz” of Tiph, her forgot
Tit for Tat, erasing half of my “Family”
On her Naval and Exercise, my wife!

I want to spend my life with Justine Aragona and her Mom, Linda!

I really don’t see why I was ever so attracted to T.D., but I hope my TD Bank isn’t connected to her, with millions in it!

Is this her on drugs/anorexic, or was it a Halloween costume? All I know is that her friend kept saying she was on “droogz” so long ago and she was pregnant a short time after this photo was taken!

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