Do you think this country where I pay taxes will be attacked on September 11th?

I’ve been told by my RICH DAD’S sister, my dearest Aunt Donna Donohue that I have “a million dollars” in my TD Bank, but because my ASSHOLE PARENTS ARE MY “HEALTH PROXY” I only have about $100 in the bank I rely on, getting Disability from the government, and I’ve made a lot of more money with my own personal 2013/2014 “Investments” in Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Dairy Queen (!!!), and many precious metals with an added $10,000 in every state in New England, thanks to Daniel Besse, my “Cuz” family member, I am being abused, used, and violated here at “Averte” 3 hours away from my “HEALTH PROXY” PARENTS AND I HATE THIS EVIL BULLSHIT HERE I WANT TO BE GONE FROM THIS EVIL “SET-UP”!!!!!

I want to spend eternity with Allah and God. I want to marry Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona because we’ve both been so damn INJURED that was ALL OTHER PEOPLE’S FAULT!

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