My best friend, my Aunt Donna (next to Elon Musk 2005… and Dana M. Gardner from my hometown of Charlton, MA going to Saint John’s Catholic, Private High School with me…), she says “1 egg yolk a week is the best for the body!”

I have a TBI and I don’t want to have any kids, but my adversaries have MY STOLEN SPERM!

Pitched eggs they splatter at the better, the oven BATTER- and a cake whipped up real nice- all of twice, when this is plainly whites only “Ricey Honda’s- too top to me the petty Rambler who ambles and on and on with Ember- who she knows August is nearly done and come “Sept” I will visit Niagara Falls, coincidentally it being “Fall” to the slip ’n’ slide of a brisk bright Season of Trump’s classified documents being at his Home, with a Terrible REASON to sit on the couch, slouched, or maybe on the Port instead- watching ships (State Head Injury Program come with tattered clips of Mach3, Gillette, the razors to shave, and fuck Dave, relaxing on his porch with a Rock-Paper-Scissors Rockin’ Chair, of his real hair, faded but fair, and but where, along thick Kubrick’s angle MY CURBED RUBIX SQUARE, I stare at the screen in front of me and where I choose NOT, to click “Care” on the BLM fan-fare…

What matters to the pitcher and the catcher? Balls to the ceiling in this my Manor how I’ve been feeling about the heavy-hitters and the suckers, too, basically owning their licking lucky lives to “Mark Z’s” snoozing off and cruising TOO MANY TATTOO’S (!!!) this Sept. when I will finally visit a Minister I’ve followed her teachings, and because my Mom neglected to send me the photo’s of Revving Jim Chase’s Tombstone, I THINK REV. JIM CHASE FAKED CANCER, JUST CUTTING HIS HAIR SHORT, HE HAD PLENTY OF HAIR, I CARED, ABOUT HIM, MY BY WHIM, I WANT TO SEE HIM ALIVE AND WELL! YEAH, I’M REALLY NOT BELIEVING HE’S GONE!
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