I talked to the MyPillow guy and Elon Musk and Bruce Fenton on the phone along with the Facebook main offices in 2005! Them, on the phone!

I have 3 dot-com’s and my this blog I update:

Juliana McDonalds Coker (20 something years old) was my friend/lover for months but years ago, and she’s disappeared! But I hope she’s okay and fine, not drinking the high-ABV% Red Wine, that I’ve stopped drinking alcohol in 2016 with 364/365th’s “cut” and WITH NO SIPS IN 2+ YEARS! NO BEERS! — of my own choosing, my abundantly sleeping alone, and along with the only company (My Own Company: Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”) being music from Sirius radio, so no Drama-“Queen” of mine and hopefully not leaking Bile out the SPLEEN

I almost died on November 2, 2004 when my stomach was cut open and I had a DRILLED-IN “STOMACH TUBE!” I also have a huge scar from my left hipbone!

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