Quilted and Withered Widow with an Open Window to peeps the “WeatherTech” stocks I bought in 2013 or 2014! $53M the owner’s silver striped Ferrari 250 GTO!

De-salted peanuts, plain, and what is the nearest sudsy Sodium Intake enough to make a lake, SALT-WATER fish caught for TSP (The Sole Proprietor www.thesole.com) I liked the waiters and waitresses, whether behind the bar, like Shannon Nuttall, who I left big tips for and a French kiss on the lips, I would usually go there 7 days a week! Yes, all week long with weekends too, I wanted to lay with Laurie, for all of me- and near my Charlton, MA home—about 2 miles away from my house—she bought a house there and at her beautiful face, I once fell down TSP’s stairs—with a cab waiting, for me and nearby, I fell down those stairs—and then I got into a Taxi, so I didn’t really care I took a tumble, to prick a thick (think) pinky pin into my smallest finger of Right hands abroad, and bold email lettering, thank God the summer heat is dissipating, letting the colder Temp’s drift through the North-East if I’m baking bread, I’ll strick the sticky yeast causing an infection on the Ph. D.’s doctor’s discretion, in any direction of NE ringing true for you and me myself with cabinets of empty shelves, as per the many vitamins and supplements thrown away, by my parents, with some sense- because I had some awkwardness with my Liver and CASH-ews I would choose to chew—with no chaw—to choose NO BRUISE! NO BOOZE! as I snooze politely when the corn on the Cobb (tuning) with no salt and just only butter—I crave the HUMMERS!

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