I’ve updated this dot-com a lot lately =)

Radio remote and put on a thick “Puff Daddy” Nordic-worn Coat or a yellow jacket, that, Although, the Sun Shimmers Shiny, the old cereal bowels- their stench is Grimy as a Nanny, and changing a diaper on a lightly powdered and white powered baby, the maid is a Slave For You, “I’m a Slave for You”— there’s BRIT-ney Spears who threw a United Kingdom “FIT” years ago, and now back in Proper (fucked) and Form to appear on-screen, to be SEEN, by the eyes of Manny, maybe emulating her school-girl looks of mini-skirts, albeit with her Period — it hurts!

So take a Midol and calm easy breathing the beating heart circles the RBC’s throughout the body, so not too shoddy, or to be shot, of anti-psychotic, that I don’t smoke “pot” — I SWEAR I ONLY HAVE CBD! — no Delta-8, Delta-10, or HHC for me, oh please, on your knees, smelling the kettle with bells on, so long at the gym with massive weights lifted, my totaled Subaru, it drifting and into a telephone pole, Bruce Fenton — my old friend for Senator of New Hampshire — he’s up in the Polls, here up North- him one state over and driving luxury Range Rovers with the incoming “Friends” when Ross Kissed Rachel- Baum and Loche I sift Their Plot of…

Their “Plan” when I aimed to quit alcohol, having had none at all, when I dumped out the liquor and feeling vigor of glad-handed SOBRIETY

I TRIED SO HARD TO GET SOBER IN 2004, but my Mom’s shitty family of drunks, a lesbian, and a heroin addict, that I tried to get “Dead Dave the Heroin and Liquor Slave” some help he badly needed, that Dan and I went half and half on getting him Heroin Detox Treatment… but that loser deadbeat “father” killed himself when he was locked up!

Although It didn’t last, it wasn’t the final say with me, and stay with me, here, on this dot-com (1 of 3…) on the Web is where I like to be- and to stay with me, here where there are no Queers or Queens if you know what I mean- aside from the Rabid Retard girl who was here, being so I hate deformities- but I love girls “cavities” if you know what I mean… at the Dentist or when to sing, I bring- the flavor Ron run rampant and wearing Dockers- he’s clocked in at late hours, him a big fan of Bruce Fenton vs. Maggie Hassen, that got my attention with no interviewed “Intervention” for me when I saught help, to no end- the Near-Death Experience of my http://www.wrxtbi.com remains near, after so long… with Pam hopefully not astringent with Saran, to the Rap, of an “””AFRICAN-AMERICAN””” man doing what he can with a knife and a pant of ‘Caine- these drug-dealers buying Beemers are insanded when the NASA rocket has landed, on a trip to the “Doge to the Moon” at which point, and at Dan’s, I understand… now with the 1% chocolate milk from a lackadaisical “bull” of the Bull-Run Market and the Dow dropping after it was UP… The muppets with puppets like Po the littlest “Tubbie Coin” in red, when I wanted to stay with Tiph Desrosiers, IN MY HOMESTEAD BED! I want her to buy a tennis racket- to open her socked, giving me please from her head, and instead of A.H. breathe in the fresh air, when SHE DIDN’T CARE! Then, oh when, she wouldn’t peruse my picked-pocket with her hand, even, let along alone her MOUTH that she wouldn’t please me, and with, her handed-did-done DIGITS, not wanting me to ejaculate on her fingers, that mine, so caring, the pleasured feeling lingered, and in my new car, having left me with an erection, her inspection, “I’m not doing it!” This after I begged and pleaded to give my perish what it needed, so I would routinely have “Blue Balls” in my car, even on long trips, driving so far—SOBER—which I loved when Derek Langlois (former 2nd-best FRIEND) would drive his maxxxed out Jetta and take me to bars, never flirting, because as I had A.H.’s alas A Lass- that her ASS- I never hurt her, let alone along a girl who, then, me, I was almost murdered! www.wrxtbi.com that now I am Disabled and Handicapped, DEAD INSTEAD, with what I hope to be a hurricane, a big laying perfectly still, gone, a mirage:

My only printed and “Published” article from 2006 when I would go on the treadmill every night at WSU to help MY INJURED BRAIN and MY “LIMP” from https://alwayschillen.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-group-of-people-including-my-parents.html

Nigga “Hyper-sonic” the next equation of our USA Nation’s to feel a “Nuclear Holocaust” of Him who I am, an Illusionairy being at the edge of space and this “Allusion” reference to the Holy in text Allah Akbar!- yes I have been with The King, that thanks to kinky penetration, I like how Colonel Boothe has a caucasian girl- the best type in all the world, of their bland sandy white skin, Colonel has “it IN” with Dan Besse getting him on the phone, I’d drone, that Dan is my kin, my cousin 1 year older in CT- where I want to be on a day of Wall Street “Investments” galore that my Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Dairy Queen, Match dot-com, GameStop, etc. etc. they’ve all gone up, like Dogecoin to be a tiny little Pup like my best friend, Elon Musk, his “Shiba Inu” when I thank Dana for prodding me, “Invest in Cheeba” so there was “Shiba Inu” up as much as 80,000% when I spent thousands USA USD and a couple cents, on D-FENCE! My Amazon order propped up in the nearby upstairs kitchen, that Elon Musk — 40+ minutes on the phone with him in 2005 — all because I wanted to ELONGATE my lifetime of being in my Prime of “Anti-Aging”- the 1990’s Beeper is Paging!

Hodgkins Podge, hit by a car a “DODGE” and a “RAM” when I was who I am, albeit not with prose-and-poetry, that the writing you see, it’s all the best of me! And needing refrain when I feel no pain of my injured brain and these evil people: Andrew Kenneth Gleick, Allyson (Drucker) Hodgkins, Alex Kozlov, Sue Rezuke, Mark Yetter, Chris McPartland, and Jim Goad, along with Tony “Basatak” and Dave “Lowtax” =X

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