Some moms can be pretty too- that Laurie said she would get her daughter braces, but why did she move 2 miles away from me? Circa 2003, etc.

Laurie said, “My daughter is more beautiful than me!” so I thought that was SO SWEET, I love Laurie and I met Grace once, telling my Grammy, about how Laurie gets my vote, giving the tip a note of her not tasting the treat of meats at the helicopters that would fly around my house in Charlton, MASS… so I know I have powerful people reading me, wondering when will I post again…

ABOUT THIS NEXT PHOTO OF MR. JOHN DEEDY—THIS MONSTER TEACHER MALE WHO ANALLY RAPED ME WITH HIM GETTING ME ON A “HARDCORE” DRUG! That evil and Really, Really, Really hard drug I sniffed all night, he bought for me, illegal as can be, he would give me B+’s before I was 18, to his Delight because he knew it would have my attention on him, who, he felt the whim to abuse my whole body, nude, not cool… DUDE!

Mr. John Deedy abused my entire body and he squeezed my testicles as hard as he could, I fell to the ground! He wore his nipple rings to my Catholic, private (he abused me for about 5 or 6 hours!!!) High School, Saint John’s — that this Mr. Deedy drains my bandwidth, as the details of him and HIS UNPROTECTED SEX WITH MY POOR ANUS IN 2001 or 2002 in the winter time season! HE DEMANDED, “PLEASE ME WITH YOUR PEE-PEE !!!!!” =( THESE JERKS INSULTED ME SO HORRIBLY—FOR MY HAVING BEEN “RAPED” IN 2001 OR 2002, AND THEY MADE ME DRINK AND CRASH IN 2004!

Get on the lean side of the leader, cuts of beef, sirloin its lean to me tipping Laurie Griffin I MISS YOU! to the top of the Tickled Talking a lousy noodle, canoeing and squawking with swagger when Ripley would wag her tail, that some people eat Snails, banged in-  to hold the wooden Deck104 to implore for more of the lord casted castle Trade with CoinBase or CoinDesk — my Stocks have all risen so much—when the sun comes in arised aired on public CB 40-channel radios of Truckers those mouth-imbibers (Justin and Bieber) coming nearer, crossing lanes, is the fat driver Trucker Hat(ers) crossing lanes, and landed planes needing to re-fuel the Ketogenic Diet of “Kerosine” to be viewed-  Winnie the Pooh with a Honkey-due that’s me I make little money, coming from me, earning cash slowly on with “Crypto-Trading” Etherium is up and I motive Ben (here on Staff) to put some dollars into Crypto — he’s profited and continues earning cash, digging small rear of Ember her hair trailing Trying and DENYING MY KISSES ON THEM-CHEEKS, and Carissa is really sweet but weight to be taken off, like the fattest girl here is finally trying to lose weight, with me telling her low-carb will take over a pound or 2 pounds of fat each and every day, “Keto” with that bullshit “Chemo” my Minister Rev. Jim Chase is still alive and I never saw his Admiral Admired Admirable Corps.

KRS-ONE sings this song about “BLACK” COPS:


Basking in Robin’s “HOOD” the “hoodies” concealing dark skin tone, unable to ID, doing the deep deed of politely policing, the “Minority’s” crimes of “BEING BLACK AT NIGHT IN THE HOOD!” shoplifting, drug dealing, prostituting, etc.

GATORPRINCESS101 was Elysiapg19! =)

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