I’m growing thicker, and Tigger, his nails, that long tail to pounce, for I’ve got to Bounce so Peace in the Middle-East!

This song gets good halfway through, and I LOVEY-LOVE-LOVE the musical chocked on a Telephone Accord!

Amorphous feel with More Mowing “of grass” and the kitty letting out a soft “Meow” to remind me of the moving excellent men, reap and sew- these the seeds of planted plants like flowers, tall and broad the petunias the flowers, my taking showers of every other day- when I say, “I use designer soap that doesn’t mind a Root (beer), and Float, like a sifting drifting and silently eating Muffins, that’s enough of them, and that’s enough of this:  so give me a KISS and ON THE LIPS! Quick before the real estate “Flips” with Nicki Minaj moving them wide hips! Of legs together and parting closeness? Never… for a Virgin’s endeavor, hi to little Trevor, and Delirium Tremends wearing Depends when I get the ends of what bents (over) touching toes and grabbing ankles, for this I thank Her, and she enjoying it to, flush the rubber after 1-time use, of you the bedroom giant mop on the floor- as me about the back-door for more senseless pleasure from sex, from intercourse, this OF COURSE!  so treating and berating, the beating and I’m not retreating, like my feet-ing kitties sharp nails clipped, if you dislike DJ’s “scratching” the whoosh sound in spikes, when this my Dad and I would go for Hikes, and Taxes- no more action in bed, because instead she prefers laying on sand, and this at the beatch with my beautiful bitches, needing a stirred stitch of fabric, so look in the attic… that’ll have it, with the heroin addict Dave, a scummy life to crave the genetic-Alcoholism that runs in my Mom’s family, those pieces of shit who I will see fit, me having tried to “Save Dave” with his opiate-denial and rampant drinking, making fun of the dead him, Icing on the Caking!


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