I don’t care for the females who vomit up lunch and dinner, but I like girls who go many hours w/o chewing!

She was my girlfriend for 23 days and night in 8 East mental-hospital she was ANOREXIC AS FUCK!

You know me, as I’m the one to Be Hold’em tattered jeans bearing Tat’s with holding a Hickory Stick

To beat the goodness 2-shoulders, holding one, and the other’s for not a Brother,  but a Hot Step-Sis

With a needle of Cherry Coke Distillate to quench a wedgie’s tight lips-  all to sip the hunny Nectar

Dr. Inspector of worn skin, so thinned, with Stephen King writing his movie-made from “Thin-ner!”

I want my girlies thin and border-line “ANO-RECKS-ICK” and bulimia- a Bull Market although I maybe

Choose not the girl does toesies tossing hurl, poor girl, puking up the potatoe rice Medley into the bowl

Mother calling “MAY-DAY” to the operator of a mental-hospital procedure- where they FEED YA!

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