Derivited INVITE-ONLY to the show of a “Black Stallion” or the “White Pony”

Meanie clutching Zuck’s big Zucchini Zuckerberg I see you, I own FB stocks, I knew a FB Developer.

You cool me cool- no matter when, either at home or in the Mental-Hospital “crux” of the crutches, caught up and fuck ‘em when untied compliments, on your part, go to waste but giving the Chosen 1 a taste of embers burning red hot the first fire PIT like a spot, ditch down bottom and traced in Ashes-

As he floats to the hollow shores East coast, West host the most mouthing moisture and Monosyllabic, Arabic and doing the Tricks to tangle at any angel (M.) to come and see how happy I be talking to an old, old, old, and even older- a woman I’ve planned to meet, overlooking Niagara from the street across from-the HardRockCafe meet and to dine without whining- she withers on The VoyAGE (65+) Senior Living and upon one’s death-bed dreams in the head, going DEAFENING SILENCE “MOM-ent of Peace” she’ll join us overlooking the Falls, and in this coming Fall season of SeptEMBER (hi!) with the cooked kettle but no “pot” I see, the TEE-AYCH-CEE, it’s not for me, or for many, many (Mrs.) beers before 2016 I’m so proud, drinking Diet Cloudy Days of little Miss Kisses on the cheek for my wonderful parents, me living her here at “Averte” — where my parents have plenty of senses, and reading my sentences, perhaps billions of Cents (Bold Book of Abraham Lincoln “copper”) to pay for this Bradford, VT refuge to use and abuse the debasement of the scorn and forlorn, prolonging a protested and prudent predication of puppies licking the water — (Porsche)-Monkeys can use straws to drink the Mother’s Milk with Stewy wearing Silk shirts, tucked in nice for Beddy-bye, to be LAYED there at the coffin lid the undead drearily stairs away to Heaven at now past eleven, divided by seven, 7/11 and convenient shopping for the cigarettes, the Cancer Sticky papers not to be rolled — I gut them in half — cutting the line, butting in and easy-breezy with Little Wheezing Ass-matics frantick and attacking the half-held help I need to proceed with employing more for my own, my own, my own — THAT I OWN:

Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

I try… upon precious Notion to put my words in Motion to cut class- you ass- this time the lasted living of my forgiving Jesus Christ one of many “virgin births” so Jesus Christ 0% and God 100% for I only worship the Truly HOLY at the officer’s counter which is measured with a raked and yoked lawn, a yard long, so sing along! I could float mid-page for now but not only for now until the bottom cusp has seen enough peekaboo characters…


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