Critics of NASCAR Races have a Theory…

Kick the Clutch and Hispanics eating Lunch, being able’s to, tables empty because of CoVid-NINETEEN (I emailed China) when 2 vaccines with 2 booster-shots take me to the putting Potty after eating a big breakfast-for-LUNCH with a wolverine making a lended copy of paid purchased in the Auburn Mall of Wolverine # fifty-three that’s part of my $,$$$ comic book treasure trove of love for partly parted- the hair of mine, shaving some naughty bits in the shower—every other day—I stay clean and I don’t “Play” with any boys or dirty spots that some girls like to suck their excitement off of a HOT-“ROD” in bed and hearing passersby on the DIRTY ROAD of my Lincoln Point Drive back home (not paved) when I could click and cluck and have to “give an EFF” yeah I have to “GIVE AN J… EFF!

I’m Jeff M with my Aliases, really I have the Alias “Jeff M” and the Alias “Jeffry” because of a mislabeled x-ray of MY SHATTERED HIP IN 7 PIECES, feeling the hey, the way, yes way and NO I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE — disgusted by egg nog — Trailer Park TRASH the moronic motorcyclist not wearing the merchandise of my Bitcoin Magazine subscription (prediction by inspection, a double-wide reflection) daintily saying “Eli Lily” on a female- PAD, that PMS makes you sad and irritable while I’m able to spunk with that pounding, I made it happen- me happy just OVERJOYED I was permitted by her mother, another, in a nearby state with my empty SAFE in Charlton, MA where my parents BE and without me, when I would drink alcohol pre-2016 I was a lush and drinking beer and snuck-in NIPS I was a heavyweight drunkard, me now SOBER 2016! ZERO ALCOHOL SEEN IN 2+ years my time with no sips, not a single whet of my tongue, the Whey Protein, keeps me strong, geeking out on Molecules of eye-sight to feel delight of relishing the relics of Ketchup (Cat sup?) and Mustard for the Retarded Mr. Plum playing “The Tuba” like my just type in repeat after YouTube and it plays the song over and over, all night, like how I downloaded “The Lord’s Prayer” from and had 13,000+ plays of Rev. Bill McGinnis RECITING “TheLord’sPrayer” dot-wave or dot-mp-3 to .move it buddy I’m playing Silly with Putty, pointing at the poontang of sips with it’s going to be Absolut and “Salud” when excusing oneself from the table dreamy Table of 12X12=144 if you aced Calculus I we wouldn’t be here!  I’d like to make that clear, come what I thought I would have a breaking through type sense of understanding the “trick” to Calc. and my buying Bruce Fenton (FOR SENATOR!) a small gift, years ago, but when now I chipped in with the chipper to lender his lavish laundry in a “PYLE” without “Style” for $250 of mine donated to his Campaign, the Bitcoin major PLAYA, viva en la playa — I did after meeting Samantha Rotella or D’Amico in Spanish One— she was my #1 crush. . . my #1 HUN so petite and short and most of all BEAUTIFUL and YOUNGER! 21+ is the lowest I’d go with a girlie, doing twirls- so out of this MY WORLD NOW YOU MOTHERS!

“MILF” drinking SKIM or 1% with a sang-which?

Hi I hustle my rocks. I click the keys that Bruce Fenton (FOR SENATOR!) is permanently banned from Tik-Tok I don’t use Tik-Tok I knew him on the phone and Facebook years ago, me now planning on visiting him in a limo with my Aunt Donna Donohue! I LOVE YOU!

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