I love Justine and Linda all the time! :^D

PH in my PJ’s: “momsteachsex” but I was heavy drinking beer every single night… I’M GLAD I’M SOBER 3 years after we broke up… though… I SHRUG AND HANG MY HEAD LOWLY, not proud of my addiction to beer every night, 2010-2016 that my parents let me have 3 beers each night, I was in pain and lingering “TBI shock” with plenty of PTSD that has VANISHED… yes IT “DRIED UP” MY PAIN AND PTSD! Like I’m “dry” now of liquor and MMJ, only using CBD gummies and chewed (NOT SMOKED!) CBD “Flower” my MMJ authorization has expired for years now… I get “Deja Vu” with some “momsteachsex” memories of them TWO, listen to this song “Deja Vu”:
I had both of them years ago in 2009 through 2013 … And then I had 3 girls, yes THREE THIN YOUNGER GIRLS AT ONE TIME being on me in 8 East for 23 days and nights when I felt their Internal Delights, so delicious, they said, Slurping Slushies sebum-wormies!

To take a picture… and of a Lit Up Light “fixture”

“A can of white paint is so much like a gallon of milk.” I wrote.

And once you’re done tossing cookies into the trash, take a drink from the faucet on the sink that stinks up the whole kitchen, and what then?  And what happened to my $250 Mont Blanc PIX ballpoint Pen ???

Too nice for a slice of the butter on toast-  I was never too big a fan of “Roasts” which and who, unlike the beautiful Hostesses at TSP, I was always AS NICE AS CAN BE, and gently, caressing a married woman with wine, blowing me in a limousine for my birthday, a female (of course!) employee with a glass of wine, me SOBER 2016, at the spot being TSP, her I would see, nice to me, and when I told her I was in the Handicapped stall with a woman, not too TaLL, and not too short, their names start with “L” over me, now, 3rd-input “protection”-used, LINDA, THIS IS ALL FOR YOU!

I want to be with Justine — she has 1300+ FB “friends” — that’s because of me (!!!) and my pulling the strings at “Meta” FB my Stocks being held by my Dad who maybe my investing personal business of $120 or $140 in cash, plus millions USD — the money belongs to me, legally, but I kinda insulted my Dad’s greatness (!!!) when I refused to an equal-share in my maybe thousands of Bitcoins and he’s getting 49% of my Bitcoins and none of my Tokens or obscure “Crypto-Currencies”

NASDAQ: FB . . . with the EFF to the BEE, a horny horned hornet’s nest, LAID in rest, and not to be “taken in” by American “The Fed” . . . while Eric Cartman says, “RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!”

Her like a lake, wanna swim with my face!
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