My Aunt Donna Donohue, who, she is my best friend and she is hopeful for me to reunite with Justine Aragona, that she gives me hope to MARRY her!

So Elon Musk lives in Texas… I wonder how he feels about Me-hi-co:

But, First,  The Friskies fed with the pussy CAT-erpillar gone to bed, that instead, being of crunching on the munchies for the kitty-kitten with a thick insulated oven Mitten having been given, to the married couple at a “Wedding Crasher” festivity where you can expect THE BEST OF ME, who, now I see as though I am not only “Dancing in Space with Allah” but having read about “Theism”:

A hot-dog Weiner in between them knee-high wafers of the “Doge To The Moon” of the greatest $260,000,000,000 named Elon Musk, accidentally revealing his address:

Can I pat the doggy?
Because I like its style!

And you wonder, “How many millions of dollars in Stocks, etc. is (Google:) ‘JMRQ Heavy Industries’ is he worth?”

Those 40+ minutes I spent on the phone with Elon Musk in 2005 are so valuable to me!

And those umpteen hours with Bruce Fenton (Bitcoin millionaire and running for SENATOR) doing video chat and such, that I told him I wanted to sleep over his house and my parents said no way lol

But seriously I know some great people through my 2006 approval of my .edu WSU email and befriending so many people- I preferred Facebook to MySpace with all of the junk on there, I only know one millionaire through MySpace, and she’s got a bunch of cool cars and breast-implants, having befriended her through Nissan “Z”’s cars with The Deftness singing a cover and signing the lit oven cover flowing so elaboratedly long within a cattle-prod to the not the most and least but for a little bit ‘o’ dat SHU-GARY SMART GLITTER “Queen” of Israel where it’s done tightly, the seal on the bottle of absolutely no drinking a few years now — correctedly, 2+ years but not 3, after I quit over 364/365th’s of my drinking to have had a drop of an alcoholic-drink that those really stink to enlarge the tummy where I pajama’s One-Sie”—that’s me with the silly costume idea, yeah kinda silly, I bought a set of manly “Footed Pajamas” for a party in 2006 when I was new to TBI and not driving but sitting solitary in my room with a couple Saint John’s High School “friends” living with me… and because we went to Saint John’s Catholic High School, we were all told to become “Islamic” and Derek and Brian would just but… fuck their girlfriends while I sat at my computer writing for my only dot-com back then in 2005 and 2006 Geneva St. when many of my Saint John’s Catholic High School are into 3rd-input inter-course, butt of course with girls only! GO ISLAM!

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