“I thought we were just going to take a shower together.” She said to me. Her mom beautiful with implants, thin, she was mine, and so was her daughter my Justine! “Meta” the social network “Tell Mark Zuckerberg I say hi great system!” I have my Stocks probably selling them when my Trust Fund is low!

I have as many as thousands of Bitcoins, thanks Bruce F. (millionaire hoping New Hampshire will have him as a Senator…), so like Bitcoin I have a poster of The White Paper for Bitcoin in my kitchen, I have a small safe in Charlton, MA at my parents house and the nurses and Sheldon B. Ph.D. collected a DNA sample from me when I was in the ICU and I believe it was a male doctor who “had his hand” in the process who has sent me to mental hospitals in the past, that I wrote a document I wrote and paid for Microsoft Word to download when I lived at home, and the first 100-200 pages are in size=8 Arial font, then proceeding to infinity that I had a computer friend at Google and Microsoft I called some friends and my Dad maybe paid some money with what involved a full 3 or 4 days of writing nonstop to have paid a lot of money for my document that was 13,000+ pages and then I started having fun with the people at Microsoft, my Dad got me a programmer after he saw what I wrote about 8 East mental hospital and I was a non-drinker then and now, me not having had a single sip of alcohol for 2+ years with SOBER 2016!

Who created the Stars ??? They are way beyond the Big Bang, and before it, which I know from Justine Aragona and a real Religious Experience of praying with my Bibles, Church Pamphlets and my HEAVEN PAMPHLET! oh, and a The Qur’an with a few other religious texts and I felt the most dear orgasming all night long! we’re both wealthy and in-to “IT” she saw a videotape of a loved-one, who I find her very attractive and we took a shower together at her house, I’m lucky, and I’m the proud owner of a huge collection of #1 and some vintage comic books like Spawn #1, Infinity Gauntlet 1,2,4 and a bunch of comics from the 1950’s!

I waited for her to catch up, with a “Pick-UP” your phone as I invested in “Bone” token and “Leash” which were all because of Elon Musk’s “Dogecoin” involvement in 2013 or 2014 when I poured in millions of dollars to as many as 30 Stocks, my Dad has, and I picked Stocks that would go up in 2021 because I’m SOBER 2016 with no sips in 2+ years now, where I dance with my Crown being me, of France’s Royalty, with finances that kick ass and real in the “Bass” like a fish to moan ’n’ grown homemade Tennesey “Marlins” with of course Marilyn Monroe’s motivation for the Fall season being time for a treated crashing in the parking lot, after leaving a restaurant where all you drinkers get your “Swerve” on… and to the peak of the singer’s or singers’es voices leave the audience breathless, because, of course-  men are breast-less and MEN ARE THE BEST! and if you don’t believe me, you’re playing in dreams with the thickened brush in the forest… or in ORDER or of swishing a long lip-kiss of Listerine with the knowing to pick up the Miley and Lady Gaga discs at FYE! where once I would visit the mall — and there’s no malls around here in Vermont — but there’s a theater an hour away, that I’m so proud to have seen the FACEBOOK movie “The Social Network” TWICE IN THEATERS!

<3 Facebook

I knew a Facebook Developer. So I invested a lot of money into Facebook.

I knew Elon Musk. So I invested a lot of money into Tesla and Dairy Queen.

I knew Bruce Fenton. So I invested in a lot of Bitcoins and other “Crypto-Currencies”.

I knew Samantha “Manny/Mannie” Rotella. So I looked up her last name on Facebook.

Yeah I got in early with NASDAQ: FB (I invested in, predicting it would go way up in 2021 because of 21+ and MY SOBRIETY 2016!)

Bruce Fenton, I inspired him to run for Senator with our many phonecalls, that I knew so much about Bitcoin — I have as many as 5000 or 18,000 or 21,000 Bitcoins, I hope Dan kept my “crypto-currencies” to sell them at peak, or up ’n’ coming 2023 — “23” — by Miley Cyrus — and Jenner was wrong about online gambling becoming so popular, so I went all the way with Bitcoin and Tesla, that I have so much money in my name, Jeffrey Marquis, on the to-do list of craigs dot-com with a laundry launch of Elon Musk (my best friend, I told him) his StarLink satellites in space, that Elon wanted to know about my “Space Camp” in 2005 when we chatted on the phone for 40+ minutes, but he told me, “This will be our last phonecall because I’ve gotten everything I need from you.” — I told him about Bitcoin — I asked him if he could give me a Tesla for free, YES IN 2005, and I groove just to chill so hardcore on the spectacular arraignment of who but TRUMP and who I reached out (beyond God in 2013) to a webmaster in 2005 that he should run for President, my own mind saw Trump becoming President, and I was told Trump would be running for office, that I told Bruce Fenton to run for Senator of “somewhere fireworks are legal.” 21+

He said, “How did you know I’m from New Hampshire?”

And I said, “Oh great a millionaire nearby. Maybe I can stay over some weekend if you say you have a mansion.”  That I’m so wealthy with TD Bank,

But my parents don’t let me withdraw the money that’s in it…

2013 or 2014 I put money into Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, etc. etc. and Precious Metals, that I hope gold gets back up to $1800 an ounce!

I haven’t driven a car in a couple years.

I want a Tesla Roadster I told Dan Besse to pay the $50k “Reservation” out of my money, and it makes it up to 250+ MPH like my photo of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO on my wall, hanging up!

I want to finally meet Rev. Anne Skinner (2005-present) in Niagara Falls this September, and there’s a girl named Ember here who has a pretty face and is so thin, like I love girls who aren’t fat, like Jessica and Carina 38.5MB 13,000+ pages .doc deleted by those who control my computers!

And I want to buy a gift for Colonel Boothe as well as, Peter Sargent, I told CB I’d buy him a 40 channel CB radio and a freightliner to start a trucking company… which is how I knew John Deere would rise so much because of “Trucker Hats” that the only hat I wear is a Breaking Bad replica I’ve seen every episode and I’ve never had an A.D.D. medicine at Saint John’s High School or now

I think I had Ritalin for a while in a hospital I had to go to like the 5 times I’ve been advised by my Mom and Dad and some doctors that I should go to a mental hospital because I worship many Gods, being Polytheistic, PRAISE GOD! THE CREATOR! THE INVENTOR OF LIVING CREATURES!

Because Ripley liked going for walks down my private road I put a lot into Dogecoin, Shiba Inu that I’m not sure about whether or not I still have them… (All of this is on my very, very impressive Resume), and I know that I really traded with millions of dollars in CT when I slept over Dan’s and he locked me out of the bathroom at night, we were investors of every minute of the night for 5 hours of trading because we had 5-hour energy drinks, we had 5 each because I predicted there would be a show on Fox News named “The Five” or it was already on TV.  I have quit drinking alcohol since then, that we had an assistant to Dan buying us new laptops, cellphones, calling cards, and a bunch of USB sticks, and we called Facebook, Tesla, etc. etc. which plus then I owned and/or was the Webmaster of http://www.coindesk.com for a night of trading, that it was my dream to buy the Stocks I liked and we pleasured ourselves in the same room with the computers and cellphones we called 1-800-PLAYBOY and we enjoyed my writing that night in 2013 or 2014 I have a TBI. www.wrxtbi.com

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