Hook, Line, and Sink Her!

My parents are having a great time vacationing in Cape Cod and my Dad goes fishing, yay!

To know the future, and to go farming, stepping in manure, because, Man, you’re the perfect compliment to a fuzzy fuss, that Tiphdizzle, so sho’ dizzy with Weezy and Jay-Z of my paid purchases of these CD’s, with a Country Discount on “Importer/Exporter” materials that the Bill Cosby Jell-O it congeals with cherries revealed, of 3 in a row on the Slots at a Casino with the dancer sluts-  to ogle… the butts of not cigarettes—never cigarettes—when I feel the flow of O2 (little 2 up top) with a Swiffer mop and NO POT, and no blacks kettles of POT-ato chips—I don’t get high ever!—me with only CBD the anti-seizure protection I see—not drinkenly—I’m SOBER twenty-sixteen, Danita my Queen in the Poke-her debt of now not talking to a Single girl for at least a year, I’d love to love a female—not a Queer Boner bothered brother in my trousers to arouse myself with big boobies, “Save the Ta-Ta’s” of a while ago, that I address my Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” that’s me and my own info listed, “Heavy Industries” am I crazy???  When this now I tie my laces, so seeing some smiley faces on where but my plaid places: my Apartment and the medication window—that’s where you’ll find me—munching the Haloperidol but Zero “Box” with a gawking gagging sensation of “oof” my solidarity of on-top of my refrigerator lays a sealed box of the big-size MAGNUM’s by Trojan, white horse, white pony, chatting with some phonecalls, I’m never lonely, let along alone the comfort of a text pad, with the most RAD tickle-tickle with my PRICK-le, lesser size than a big pickle, to frizzle-frazzle with my #1 lover- and I miss her and Miley and Ripple “Crypto-Currencies” invested millions of dollars into these new methods of secured wealth, to my health of lungs remaining resolute in taking in the O2 (squared) with combed hair and memorance of Columbine, so I don’t drink any wine… SOBER and a little bored of having not written a short-story in years, do you hears?  within your ears?

Cheering coach of UT with, yes, Danita-  oh I want to meet her!  Alongside Mannie Rotella, I’m a chum (but not chubby) man of FUN beard-trimming and not yet SWIMMING, in the pool, and Worcester State University was so cool, like playing BILLIARDS, a billionaire-millionaire for I “Care” about the Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) posts of the mosts ways to describe the silvery suede of my Precious Metals (Lance’s Medals) pushing the toes to the throttle-peddle and shifter-paddles, a Ferrari with a saddle, to addle that, and not stepping on a crack, sidewalks so long, hitting the thong on a “Boardwalk” and parking with a Valet, I say hey, don’t I also own “Park Place”??? I have my limousine out front, that Laurie visited me within the interior my endeavor to get her to suck, not the time to fuck, like Linda- yeah we did it and Justine thought it was Fit to happen just one time only, her Mom and I in the shower, bathing subtle, her ass was like bubbles, sudsy soap, but the 3rd-input she said nope, but then again maybe just the tip, when I’m reminded of T. without a Slip Slip SPLIFF! so do you catch my drift?

I urge you to read all of this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theism

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