Gossiping go glossy gringo’s to the get-go!

I’ve been watching the news 95% of the time for the past many years: Putin Ally Killed

Aside from the Excise Tax and what but the EXCITEMENT of this very Textual “ELON”  Enticement when I meant- to dance like rapid and rabies, with Arabs cheering so cheerily while eating Cheerios and Eloquence, have you any sixpence for Mike Pence on D-FENCE, my amazing Amazon order:

I took a bunch of Karate classes during my recovery, me with no weapons or knives in my Apartment!

When I’m funny when I talk, squawk-squawk-squawk the synchro’s are out of what whacker pally too, I see you, merging the pages what one attends EDM “raves” of Paul Oakenfold, I crave them, I crave the NES game: “Caveman Games” — but not buying cheap work, the unsavored and unsaved:  yes the Slaves, and saved by Abraham Lincoln, years ago, when I would listen, to, Linkin Park with the attacks in recent days of KILLER SHARKS, lifting a LOAN to $BONE I’ve profited like $LEASH (Doge Killer) on the Market of computers and my being good friends, to know absolutely no end, to Bruce Fenton for U.S. Senate! so I will know a Senator in a neighboring state, that without my Tesla Roadster… yet… I look forward to a life of luxury and luxuries that it’s so nice to be me!

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