My Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

Do you remember “Muffin Top” ???

The crux of an English Muffin crumbs on my upper lip, my broken hip… when I flip downward the stairs railing and Rallying to the championship that I am a Champion of Censorship, on the sinking stinking Titanic of the tits nipples with brushed shrubs brushing my teeth and upper lip to feel the salty saliva flavors, breast milk from Mom, that I always savored, with me telling Ripley “NO BITEY!” so alrighty God the Almighty at the edge of His universe- when I speak in Verse of the Patriots playing The Colt’s (Hi Sean Louiseau!) my NFL-player friend of yesteryear with no fear, of a yeast infection, Justine had, when I was glad for driving a HUMMERS FOR A WEEK, with a loose jaw, my SOBRIETY not drinking to “thaw” I like my California rolls RAW, the bitches tawdry with the silk and mink, that our country launched Minutemen missiles as a “Deterrent” and not Bit-Torrent anything, with the DVD’s thrown out — AFTER A COP SAID TO ME, “JUDGES DON’T PROSECUTE ON BITTORRENT ANYMORE!”

Now discontinued, to mistrue the mixture of 3/4 burnt-out light fixtures atop my roof, and woof, “NO BITEY!”

Ok Oh Now, “CRIKEY!” the chirping crickets with the Racquets of bad-boy Gladamore in morse code, my Bitcoins, I know, I’m so wealthy and almost totally healthy, albeit a part-time tobacco enjoyment of the Bugler I lights it up to the top of the cookie morsels with the raw Dough — I have $150 in my wallet — me now remembering carrying always $1000 or more- with Benjamin’s, and their B. “Paint” at Home Depot, you know, the Store with varnish, while I miss the “CAR-ish” the Car Trends of Motors cycling cylinders flamboyant, to be with a Tramp, the Lady, and Giselle with Tom Brady oh maybe, maybe he’s doing “Fecal Transplants” of South Park on Comedy, to the “central” not viewed by my, my, ME! because I know you see, me with a pretty face here in my place, of 2 floors upsides and downstairs with my bed, what else is to be said?

My love for Justine Aragona as great as ever, me missing her, and impressing her with my full SOBRIETY- twinkle Tiph, for she is NOT TO BE WITH ME!

Curmudgeon but not of something like an S&M “Dungeon” with chasing the dragon and jargon, being exceptional and intrinsical thought of not bought “pot” but instead CBD in “gummies” of oof what will be for all to see, to read, to BE — on my blogs and for the immense “Thrilling” of a goat old and just chillen, kitten sitting still with Friskie’s “Frills” of c’mere “Pussy-cat” with Mr. Hat(e) to spite the trite circumstance of not wearing a zip-zip-zip ZIPPERED pants to delight the Tantric at a tanning salon, the hot temperature of the Boothe, I love Colonel Boothe of Saint John’s fame and it’s a shame he won’t respond, with me once living on Baker Pond (Colonel, I want to get BAKED on your MMJ company’s proverbial BUD…) but not one the Weiser sort of drunked dunk swish dranken thanks to the wisdom of Al Franken, with him of SNL fame and now so tamed on the News, I only watch CNN and Fox News as I feel something nuclear with war and Russian’s drinking the “White ones” in glasses, after English classes, with mountainous fountains (of youth) when I’m 40 years young and trust me I have hung up my jackets, but only to be taken out of storage, Revealed, worn come the Fall season with no longer eating at Chili’s — feeling my that I would recommend you read all 15 months and The Archives of previous data- on a date with Justine Aragona, us Renamed and Rekindling the winter’s lack heat and but with my HEART that grew now shivering the slivering of the silver dollar on my Ledger with so much Precious metal, but I don’t like Heavy Metal being, me, I’m sort of thin, that’s in the crevice of between a female’s- her jeans pristine and not ripped, to eat Frito’s with dip- my Mom makes a delicious spread ‘em Chantilly Lace, the media in Lance’s FACE OF FACT, his doping that I once grew 3.5” TaLLer!

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