I saw my Therapist today and I feel pretty good- that I think taking Tadalafil is good because it “Trumps everything,” Hannity just said lol


Friskies Kitties to show their Titties, to the “Ta-Ta’s” to be tangled, wearing pajama bottoms with the cum-uppance of our horizontal dance, and with no pants, as they’re having been taken off, eating tippy-top with Gucci flip-flops, and no socks, while eating the “Tokens” having invested some millions USD with 2 new USB’s-  I want to see my “Propheted” Profits, YES me the 40 year old Prodigy, having been with Allah, to dance with me, and in outer space, I found my place to reach beyond God, that God, I was so erection erected-  I’m talking HARD, the HARDX pointed pounding to the resounding notes of nefarious please me baby with full-body “O’s” to last until sun-RISE and supremely surprise me at TSP when Weeble I wobbled with the prettiest girl I’ve ever been with… in her tight asshole!

I swear to God, her I found myself hard ’N to PROD her tiny innards, Just ask Todd, who he knows, he knows, he knows, I put my Weiner in backwards, and in the mental-hospitals I’ve been to and done the same, with absolutely no shame

Blinking bonkers with iron-clad chompers of “Grillz” and to eat the sirloin beef at least umpteen times a week, and feeble, I already said “Weeble” as per the Sean who was once and/or IS still “The Don” a la Victoria’s Suite of the needy, being all for used, dearest deer sweetie, shot and producing “Veal” to have with some meals, plus the Sirloin as I virgo vigor with a white nigger of Trailer Trash shame, and me making fun of them (and Dead Dave The Heroin And Liquor Slave)

Fan Fave’ right? Oh the delight I feel as if I must might just chillen from my “HIP-hop Nation” on Sirius with the pleasing melons dangling with Dad, the Angler from chop-stick “Bass Fish” I said delight (at the Deli) delicious chicken BREASTS of me providing the proven lyrics of a maniacal Californian coast-line that IT’S “ROAST”… remember those “Roasts” that was lame, and tame the maiden MADE IN damsel deleterious dereliction ooof of Bouff, Michael Bouffard before I went to a Catholic High School, my proud and intrinsically intrigued by “Islam” — they taught A LOT ABOUT ISLAM AT MY CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Saint John’s, where I did well-enough to need and “KNead”  the need to get 10 to 15 HP out of your car only by switching the Air Filter, after, latter, to much a box of my safe at home, that my parents have both keys to and no the code:  I posted “safe (######)” revealed on my Minister’s Facebook when he was alive years ago

Take a Trip with “Skip” who mastered the fine art of reading the entire “Qur’an” that opened his eyes to Allah — so he is actually speaking to the Sheik’s in The Middle-East having memorized entire paragraphs of my #1 book I’m about 7/10th’s through it and it is so fabulously written to speak of the once again, (not the EPT-test) the maximal methods of Literary Study of reading those “Cryptocurrency Prices” for many years and even writing on sheets of paper what the distance between moderate factors of Zuck — hi Mark, I went to the Theaters TWICE TO SEE THE SOCIAL NETWORK and I own the Blu-ray bouncing bumbled with my having ACCELERATED THE ENTIRE TIME!

“A million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond”

And “Throw it up, Throw it up, I can’t see y’all to yeah the Cleveland Indians of our Nation’s admonishing “SHIT-HOLE COUNTRIES” when I think about what direction was Maca “root” I once took and my Dad said I can’t have any supplements or vitamins I had a lot of with the best country in the county of my American dedication to I WANT TO SURVIVE!

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God — why and how is “smash and grabs” becoming popular to steal, that I’ve never stolen since my injuries in 2004, and I shop in a store and pay the bills on a company owned by a loved-one named MY DAD selling for $36.5M paid in banks with my Dad signing his signature on stacks of folders of printed pages in Manilla Maxwell House for hours ago I bought it today, coffee, typing relax and take it ass-up Easy with the fact that I was good friends with Bruce Fenton who is running for Senator of New Hampshire, him Bruce Fenton the Public Figure liking my support on Twitter, transferring him $250 for his campaign in the state next-door to me that I do be do be do know him through many, many hours of talking on the phone, that I told him I was “Recovering from a TBI” when I spy, I spied, a sultry-laden camisole (thesole.com Hi Laurie Griffin Mrs. happily-married to another man, another man and I shook his hand with her at a restaurant and Laurie liked Justine who I told her I was happy and she not only had bags under her eyes (…) but she clutched a clutch bag when she should have shifted, I would pay close attendance to the dancing I did with her and her and her, but not her

“Imprinting” that when I slept over Dan Besse’s house my “Cuz” he invited his police officer friend and we invested in maybe hundreds or thousands of Bitcoins, Tesla Stock, Amazon Stock, Facebook Stock, precious metals, John Deere Stock, and I’m being generous with my wealth, like telling you THE TRUTH: I believe in God, Allah, Jehovah, etc. that I’ve read about 7/10th’s of The Qur’an and I posted about what line talked about “Parenting” that I don’t have any kids because I have a Traumatic Brain Injury! And I had C.R. take my fingerprints because of the jerks who caused my www.wrxtbi.com

What’s the best part of waking up when I AM SINGLE, singing in words on textual flatscreens to be seen, shoplifting on The News, so news to those who peruse my pages, of Rev. Anne Skinner who her Hannah House (rodent-free) for me to visit Niagara Falls and learning about how “Hannah House” has roots in Hebrew that I’m curious. . . can I marry Justine Aragona again and again (in her 30s years-old) that the fact is this, the “Refractory State” of building up steamed Lobster (Laurie, I love how you let me eat and drink at The Sole Proprietor I give it props to the folks at the one only Bank with my Bitcoins as many as, well, I have 250 in one Wallet — ten or eight “Wallets” — I predicted the highs of “Bitcoin Cash” to about $1 and Cardano up for a bit of a bug to do the DAN-O please pay attention to All I have to say with the ways of the universal discovery, when I turn 43, I remember I wanted the option to dazzle the lap-danced prodded and beautifully HORRID the ways of these women who slide on a pole and work the knobs to break a finger-nail and CBD and CBD And ABC CBD-A that I SWEAR I DON’T HAVE ANY “THC” AND I DON’T KNEE’D IT right in the pushy and fuzzy fun-filled TaLenTed on-screen, Jessica Tocci married and she was 23 when we danced for mornings, days of, oh the afternoons when I didn’t arrive too soon, scrumptious delectables when I’ve detected the Nation of Islam with this writing is just so much fun when—I’m Enthused and not having had Ensure chocolate in a while—to be with what waits a while to jump in a leafs oafs toast with a spackle of white-wash the fences in Cape Cod and there’s Dancing in Space (…) at Saint John’s where many are literary scholars, mostly into Islam, that I cannot even explain, with pages-long Ledgers and they’re public and private, that I also had a .doc I bought Microsoft Word online to write, that I am a little annoyed the the words pop up, and “Selena Gomez and The Scene – Love Song” with a big fat gold necklace around my neck, not to be haggard or hanged with I am currently coming at you—I really say “Aight” as in I wish I had a higher highlighter in Shhh CHAT-roose I bought 2 employees at The Sole (see above… wash with Dove…) I bought 2 women at The Sole Proprietor to “Charolette Russe” because they were so beautiful, very successful, and professions of a Prophet we learned at the Oath of Quaker Moat Or Oil but of Olives the OIL . . . and hopefully I’ll tread lightly on these shoes where I have a lift in my left shoe .5” from when my left Hip was shattered into 7 pieces and I’m shorter on my left leg.

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