Today is the 19th, and I’ve been with two girls 19 in age, but I’ve never had an 18 year old girl (aside from my Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona) her once with a Yeast Disparity in her V with the Russian “Z” on tanks- that the end of the world and my eventual death, it sounds ab’said

HI DR. DOMINIC CANDIDO Ph. D. !!!!! and THANK YOU! GOD BLESS!you “Athiest” you!!!

Today is the 19th of August; I felt a gust of wind; and I’m winning with nuclear weapons!

Envisioning the world and only to be “inside” a girl, yes the girls of the world, they twirl and they dance- having taken off their pants, wearing yellow bracelets like Lance LIVESTRONG, a crumped wet pussy laden smegma, on the chestnut dresser, her breasts be what I savor, with a tight spot down middle, I store the stroked Fiddle and chewing on a Twisty’s “twirler” Tantric SIZZLER, and her size, so small and petite, big boobs on the Tasties’ treats, of eating medium-rare meats, that the mother makes, the steaks, found on dishes dished plates, and lifting the weights at the chosen Fitness locality-  to take off body fat, I need a witness, to the sweaty, sweaty and stinky mess- shitting your shorts at the gym, like a powerlifter in the Olympics (SPECIAL) the realtors and the realtards- the broken protein-shakes, put into shards of what but Glasses, to fill with Gatorade and observing the rear-side of ladies abroad, I observe the fellow females “Asses” and “Crypto-Assets” in saved files, my cash in piles at TD Banks country-wide, and my prestigioused white pride and white power, when I neglect the shower at the early hour, to bathe bereft during nighttime, I don’t drink white or red wine, all the time — me SOBER 2016! — and I no longer care about “Teens” of age, Savagely, only girls in their 30’s years old, or young? I will penetrate all oral vaccines the Cavities at the Doctor’s offices, those plague plaque-based cavities, to crave “head” in bed on my MyPillow that I talked to Mike Lindell of current fame, when he was into coke on his cock to talk, come Fox News to peruse, me now not into Judaism, and The Jews with their money, I’m my Mom’s “Hunny Bunny” with Playboy being soft-core boobies swinging on a Swinger’s papyrus page, of 21+ when a girl sips her Martini… and remind-ing me of “Tini Ara” yes THE “Justine Aragona” my love making me cum in the shower, putting paste on the Dove soap, Motorboat on my phat hard member, while it is Ember, I am attracted to (but disliking her one thick tattoo and on her forearm…) to pick up the laundry with one’s limbs, I really liked “Pink Timmz” when they were popular, and “Gucci Flip-Flops” to pay half with my “Pops” RICH DAD not “poor dad” when “his parents are rich” and the peers shrug, so I give the girlies a hug, for some pelvic “TUG” to motorboat on top of me, when I gladly absorb the sexual presence of wintertime Christmas “oral” oh this naughty banter is the cure for all, of being my moreso making the unique “Universe” shaking, making the Big Bang-  right through it and reaching beyond God, it’s told, and by me… my Text and Poetry and Prose for all to see, and not only the Professional web-browsers, that Peter Sargent signed up for “Brazzers” when he didn’t know that online porn is a’plenty-  I seek Amy — YES, IF YOU SEEK AMY! — the Britney British tune when the little damsels-  I feed them with the Selena Gomez “tunes” with an ELON-gated “spoon” at the Moon and Struck by a DODGE truck, head-on, the RAM toots the horn for the toots in them pink boots (see above) about the valuable conversations I’ve had with Elon Musk and Bruce Fenton, running for Senator, I want to rent a limousine and picking him up, I’ve made my PICKS for these millionaires with their pricks priced and paper-clips to never drink any alcohol in “Nips”—to squeeze upon the Milky Way of feeding a baby with formula, talking about the Formula 451 of Formula 1 racing on TV with Ferrari’s Michael Schumacher doing whatever nowadays, when, I think he’s retired, as the tires on all 4-’s are replaced with rusty rubber of a Z-rated FLATS with no treated “Treads” when I had a bulletin-board “The Poetic Voice” I’d get about 40 viewing Visitors online on my best dot-com- IT’S “THREADS” (that I now have 3 dot-com’s) to the websites of setting my sights on God and Allah, for the all of me, the energy rising and erected staircases finding, the “Stairway To Heaven” that I maybe invested in lead as well as Boron, but I’m no morning early bird moron, for the Boron increases Testosterone by a bit-  it was my way of staying “Fit” like the Honda and its “Fit” small vehicle, when I give the girls poesies a ticking Tickle of their Pu$$ies of dollar bills stuck in the g-strings, oh Jesus, I don’t want to buttock another one of Dem Hoes, the Democrats, oh Rat (9bd) of Lisa’s cantankerous coroners of Coronavirus coming about the corner-store of Mum ’n’ Pop-  them selling cigarettes and swishy soda’s for a measly profit — I believe The Qur’an — that Jesus Christ is NOT GOD, and he is merely a Prophet — with my profiting off of my Stocks– we go for walkers and waking (not ever “Baking” like a Baker on a pond, singing a song of “Southern Sun” my Mom calls me her “Hunny Bunny” to put a smile on my face, showing teeth, the front choppers of snapping (chompers) into carrots after some of a slitted slice of chocolate Cake — going for a long “distance” and I HAVE NO DISTASTE FOR LANCE ARMSTRONG… as he is to be applauded and not This “Grace” of some people saying “Lance is a disgrace” and discarded, but not I — he beat cancerous signals coming from inside of one’s body through evil cigarettes or “ah-choo” at school with a single sniffed sniffle — Is Tiphdizzle single? And would she sing “C’mere, let us Mingle” with a bonk on your head, spurting “Little Jeffries” along the can of peas – please the Amazon rainforest “canopy” with none other than Obie Trice I love his rap songs, having bought two of his CD’s to feel a breeze of the open freezer door, this August weather, yeah I want MORE of the ambient and tranquil classroom temperatures of 69 degree deodorant while Rip got the last big bite of Mom’s buttered Coach bag, a BAGEL, when I pray to God, “SEND ME AN ANGEL!”

I want to marry Justine Aragona! 2009-2013 she took me to God!

Carissa here at “Averte” conceals my business mail — seriously I own a company @ Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” !!!!!

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