I thank whoever put almost $500 in my PayPal- I’m making money!

I trade on my own until 2023 when I’m set to sell my Stocks and as many as 5000 Bitcoins, now that I’m 40 with my never, ever having had a V or any Gin, who I’m SOBER for many years, SOBER 2016!

The Sun Shining bright, me smartest of tight trading Etherium and Bitcoin, eating a nickel precious-metal a $.05 coin with who but Jeffrey with no Sons or Daughters- that congratulations to Audrey about the her Birthing but BURPING delivering,  folly of who but a JOLLY man with Rancher’s salad dressing, Bitcoin? I’m just stressing the delay when I obey selling-later with a Holy “wafer” watering the green green grass out back and in front, knowing the TBI Survivor, Michelle Munt, keeping busty and busy with the EU British nation, where the poor substance, food rations, with a Pie -laden “Confucius Elon Golden Ratio” I’m loving you, my readers-  Mom and Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue with hummingbird feeders, the Dogecoin “Bismarck” a creepy critter going outside, no need for a kitty’s litter, and I don’t go to kit-cat Bars, being SOBER 2016 and not watching anything online “Teen” or “Mom” — this because I like “STEP- sis” and “STEP- mom” wearing thongs on the loyal P-hub when I “take a tube” and YouPoor RN nursing a baby, Audrey will be, and I’ve never thought of her as for me, no that could be bad, possibly costing my Dad, her father’s recruited employee planting a soy-bean… I told him not to have Soy protein, he was having for breakfast, because it contains “photo-estrogens” that he abided and bought some WHEY they bought me the other day, being 2 or 3 scoops, and I have a hemorrhoid on my ass to the whole thing it really bugs me because I need the cream — I ask, “Is this a dream?”

The girl who’sey name literally HYPNOTIZES ME! “Tiph” but she’s my #3 and Mannie Rotella will always be my #1 with Justine Aragona hopefully being my Wife Tits—she showed me life and the night went on for about 9 hours jamming Jam-Packed with brownish, chocolate-chip pancakes!

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